Morven Kinnaird

Basic Stats

Age: 25
Origin: Lairig, Scotland, DVII
Height: 5’5”
Occupation: Junior Doctor (former), Facility Medic
Reborn God: Sekhmet
Power: 31
Ability: Expert
Loyalty: CCD
Played By: Thal


Morven is disciplined, determined and ambitious. At her worst she is vicious and moody, and can hold a grudge for a long time. Her temper, when provoked, rages something fierce. She protects those she loves with a startling intensity, whether they need or desire her interference. At her very core she has a strong sense of justice, and will act according to her morals irrespective of consequences. She loves the outdoors. Is both passionate and flirtatious. Dedicated to her job.

She has brown skin and dark, amber-flecked eyes. Thick, tightly curled dark hair sits at just past her shoulders. She is not over tall (5’5”) but statuesque in bearing. Her accent has diluted after five years living in London, but the cadence is still there.

Recent History

Originally travelling to Moscow to begin her residency at the Guardian complex, Morven’s tenure there was short-lived. After treating Sage Parker in the ER for the malfunctioning chip in his head, and becoming too involved in her patient’s care (and gravely doubting the motivations of his actual doctor), Morven’s temper got the better of her and she lashed out.

She was suspended without pay pending a disciplinary hearing, under the threat of the doctor she assaulted that it would be the end of her career.

In the meantime, Custody agents drawn by Morven’s unusual reputation for “miracles” led to her forced registration as a channeler, and an interesting offer. One she could not refuse, because she had no choice. Since then she has received military training, both basics and officers training, though she was pulled before passing out from the latter. Morven had fully expected deployment to Africa, but instead she has ended up in the Facility as medical care for the Rods of Dominion, and will assist them as a field medic abroad.

Frustrated, Morven used a chance encounter with the Ascendancy to state her frustrated case, and was given leave to approach Michael Vellas for further training. She has ambitions to become a Dominion herself.

So what time Morven did not spend accepting the tests of her power and wondering what the fuck they actually intended for her future, she spent in the Dominion’s gym, whether she was welcome there or not. It seemed a general consensus to them that she was to be an auxiliary to their work — the nice little woman who’d patch them up when they fucked up. Well, at least until she bust Taichechski’s nose so she could show him just how she could put it back together for him. Seemed their opinion on her changed after that.

Morven, From Ashes

RP History

Full Biography

Other Lives

Her soul is the archetypal protector, and she often pledges to figures in authority; kings, queens, and leaders of men. Often her deeds are remembered heroically.

3rd Age: Devika Sirideán, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah

5th Age: Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of war and healing, protector of kings



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