Played by: Thal


Lyall is Morven’s younger sister. Only a year marks them apart, and until Morven left for London and med school, the two were inseparable. At seventeen, her eyes began their slow change to gold and the wolves began whispering in her dreams. She confided in Morven during one of their treks on the Lairig Ghru trail, but had already crossed an Atharim radar. Morven killed the man tracking them when she first sparked.
Lyall deteriorated that summer, slipping further and further into wolfish habits, until she could barely speak. It was a combination of Morven’s support and the network’s expertise that saved the shreds of her humanity.
When her sister eventually moved to Moscow, Lyall declined to follow, preferring her rural home. These days she runs hiking tours into the Scottish mountains, content to stay close to her wolfish brethren.
Desc: Dark, freckled skin and tightly curled dark hair, usually worn short to her scalp. Her eyes are bright and burnished. She retains a slightly feral appearance. Small and lithe, strong-limbed and fearless.



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