Adrian Kane


This soul is a story of destiny being shaped by the life you are born into. That circumstances of one’s birth and the events that unfold are more powerful than independent will. It’s unknown if his is a soul that is filled with a core of darkness or one of light. Every age in which he is spun lends to great ambiguity as to what sort of creature emerges. In one turning of the Wheel, a man is born named Adrian Kane. What follows is his story for this Age and this Turning.


Regardless of allegiance and masters served, the soul’s personality is largely unchanged with each spinning. He focuses intently on a goal and will sacrifice morals to achieve it. He is selfish and manipulative, but not so merciless as to be without the capacity for empathy. As a result, his cunning yields effective results. Perhaps in compensation of a soul powerless to achieve its independent will, he craves power and attention. A workaholic, he does not tie himself to other people and finds the thinnest relationships distracting. This is not to say he will not serve a master, and in fact can be very loyal when circumstances arise.

As a thread, he usually is born with the spark to channel. Sometimes he is quite powerful a channeler and others less so, but in all threads he is a Dreamwalker. It is that talent that is his defining trait and attracts the attention of rulers, gods, kings, masters and in the 2nd and 3rd Ages, the Dark One himself.


6”1” tall. He has a strong, prominent jawline, curly brown hair, and is always clean shaven. Investing two hours in the gym daily, he is mindful of what he eats and how he treats himself. As a result, he will sacrifice socializing, which he dislikes anyway, and proudly boasts an impressively muscular physique. He is fluent in French, can casually converse in Italian and German, and can order a drink in Russian. He traditionally wears a signet gentleman’s ring featuring the Kane’s coat of arms on the small finger of his left hand as a reminder of origin.

Arrogant but can be charming, particularly toward women, when he wants. He has a temper that flares hot when provoked or denied what he believes he is owed. He is a hard worker, disciplined, but will cheat the system when he can. He has a mind for strategy, and in this Age, applies it to management of money and business. He will generally avoid taking advantage of the innocent but won’t necessarily go out of his way to help someone. He can justify the means to an end when necessary. His loyalty once pledged is held true, but any hint of betrayal will rot away any former ties that bind. For this, he is estranged from his adopted parents, whom he still believes will not tell him the truth of his origins. Deep down he lacks self-confidence, probably due to the rejection from his birth parents, and as such, compensates with a commitment to improving his appearance, wearing designer clothing, and purchasing other symbols of status.


Adrian was raised in former-England, adopted by two mothers long married. The Kanes came from money. Their prestige afforded Adrian a superior education at the sort of private schools princes attended. He graduated law school, interned with the Dominance offices in London, and specialized in finance law.


After the government internship during his college years, Adrian rocketed to the top of everything he attempted to conquer. His ambition seemed to know no end, and it was never enough. Even when he entered the offices of a top Moscow financial firm as their on-staff counsel, he was already contemplating the next rung on the ladder. He was known for having the damndest luck, although he couldn’t replicate the streak in any of the city’s gambling clubs, he favored the nightlife anyway. It was in one such establishment that he was introduced to some less than reputable characters. He rented his lucky streak out to others for a fee, and nobody questioned his methods. Quickly, he became a multi-millionaire, and with it, he invested primarily in himself. By thirty, he owned legitimate businesses around the city: from white-collar hotels and car dealerships to cleaning services and freight companies. Some were front organizations, but some were not. Deals were done in his hotels. When conflict got dirty, his companies cleaned the blood from the carpet.

He operates this large portfolio of businesses out of his primary building in the downtown Moscow financial district known as “Moscow City.” Part of the property is hotel, part is used by the umbrella organization, and part of it is his private residence.


Ascendancy – Adrian entered the dream of the Ascendancy to prove his abilities and offer his services as a dreamwalker in exchange for being taught to channel. The Ascendancy sent him one of the Rods of Dominion rather than teaching him himself. Adrian has not yet been called upon to manipulate the dreams of others on Ascendancy’s behalf but anticipates it will happen soon.

Jay Carpenter – the teacher sent by Ascendancy to instruct him in the ways of channeling. Jay is staying in a private property in Adrian’s primary hotel building located in the downtown finance district of Moscow.

Yakuza – His commercial properties have recently been leased to the Moscow-based Yakuza, whom will be opening a series of “Hostess clubs.” Their contracts state they buy out the property itself, but the land on which they sit remain in Adrian’s name and care.

Ryker – A mediator between Adrian’s legitimate businesses and organized crime in Moscow, such as the Amengual Cartel, Yakuza and the Russian mafia. His companies have been known to provide vehicles (or tow crashed or bombed ones away), provide deep cleaning services no questions asked, shipping containers and forklifts at other commercial warehouses, and even a housekeeping company that turns a blind eye to certain events.

Natalie – Recently invested in helping Natalie Grey flip a property located in the Golden Ring for future use as a school. His contract required 50% ownership in exchange for his expertise and access. He remembered Natalie from their younger years at preparatory school, although she did not seem to remember him in return. He probably exaggerated (or lied) about having their shared past just to charm her attention. He is genuinely attracted to her, and will probably continue to sleep with her for the time being. He will not be romantic or go out of his way to impress her as he feels he himself is impressive enough for someone.

Yasmine Amengual – Recruited by the widow of the head of the Amengual cartel to locate Jay Carpenter, who killed her husband. In exchange, she has promised him the Oculus device and channeler-blocking serum developed by Orion Pharmaceuticals.

Seven – Has an appointment to hire the consultant for his services to verify or move items acquired from his businesses.


Straight. He has never had a serious or long-term relationship with anyone. Nor is he interested in such a thing. He finds them distracting and is more than satisfied with one-night-stands so long as he meets his alarm clock the next day.

Dream-shaping and The Sandman

Since childhood Adrian has shaped the dreams of those he meets. As soon as he realized he could use this skill to manipulate others into doing what he wanted, he immediately began to practice it. He has grown aware of the dangers of the Dreamscape through unfortunate trial and error.

When visiting the World of Dreams or seeking the dream of another human, his form defaults to his demon form from the previous life. When in this shape, he easily enters and exits his lair, which is located in a pocket that he designed as Morpheus. Pockets are extremely difficult to design, and can only be done so by working with a Vortex, a particular type of dreamer that can manipulate the pattern of the Dreamworld.

The creature’s steps shook the ground. Its feet ended in claws that dug imprints into the stone. Its narrow eyes rolled from one inhabitant to the other. Both were mighty in will, but none compared to its mastery over them all. Its mind pierced the veil of each of the three, seeing their intent and rating their skills. What it found was not what it sought, and it’s judgment was cast.


As the demon, much of his previous skill as Morpheus has been rediscovered and he still feels responsibility of overseeing the Dreamscape. He has watched the others in the dreamscape, seeking a Vortex among them, but has not yet discovered such a being. As a result of his oversight, he is often referred to as a Watcher of the Unseen Eyes. Mara calls him the Dream Eater as he has been known to devour her nightmare pets when they grow wild or out of her control.

His demon form is also known as the Sandman.

The sandman himself was so named for the porous qualities of sand. Sand was the beginning and the end of dominion. Gripped tight, and sand broke free. Held loosely and the sand remained as it was, but when disturbed by forces of power and energy, sand transformed into a substance that cut sharper than diamonds. The sandman himself embodied these elements. He was the line that rimmed the edges of all that existed. He kept everything bound to its place lest it wash away by the tides of time.


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