The Radiance Hotel & Suites is simply called “Radiance” by the guests and staff.


The hotel is located at 41 Krasnogvardeysky street (41 Kras for short), across the street from Krasnaya Park, one of the only original green spaces that were preserved as Moscow’s famous 100-building skyline populated these past few decades. The name, Krasnogvardeysky references the “Red Guard”, paramilitary groups formed in 1917 made up primarily of worker-class volunteers who served as a transitional military force of the collapsing Imperial Russian Army for the Bolsheviks. They were eventually reorganized into the Red Army in 1918.

41 Kras

41 Kras is a 41-story glass skyscraper. It is dwarfed by buildings easily twice the size in the area, but it is respectable none the less. The building is owned by AK Holdings, the portfolio of businesses with Adrian Kane at the helm. The Radiance entrance is located in the main building lobby, which is also the location of an elegant bar.

Part of the property is devoted to the hotel, part is used by AK Holdings, and part of it is Adrian’s private properties, including his personal residence on the penthouse level.

There is a 5-star restaurant located on one of the upper levels as well as a rooftop bar. Both take reservations and are popular with the powerful business brokers or government representatives in the city.

The interior design of the hotel and overall building is sophisticated and upscale. The dark colors are balanced with a plethora of shiny surfaces and other plush textures. Light and glass are used strategically. Every location inside is meant to put the patrons and guests in the most flattering light possible.

The Radiance Hotel & Suites

Radiance is a 5-star hotel that offers sophisticated guest rooms or ultra-luxe guest suites. There is a pool available for guests as well as an on site spa. A ballroom is available for parties or private events.

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