Sòng Daiyu

Daiyu is a chronically sleep deprived teenager who spends almost all the entire sleeping experience inside the world of dreams unknowingly. Therein, she plays with what she calls her “pets” but are actually nightmares. Within the Dreamworld, she is friends with Nimeda and dislikes wolves. One time, her pets told her that her true name was “Mara” and so she insists that is her true name in the waking world, rather than Daiyu. She also goes by Mara as her pen-name. She is a famous author that has written very dark horror fiction novels as a teenager and made her family quite a fortune.

She is originally from China, but has extended family in the United States and was particularly close to one of her older cousins, Melany.

Basic Stats

Age: 18
Origin: China
Current Location: Moscow
Height: Short
Weight: Very thin
Occupation: Author-Novelist
Reborn God: Melinöe
Ability: Unsparked
Talent: Dreamwalking
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Loyalty: China
Played By: Asc

Psychological description

She has taken psychotropic drugs since she was 5 years old. At age 16, she tried to commit suicide. Since then, she has been involuntarily institutionalized at the Guardian complex in Moscow for treatment. She is not aware that her nightmares are experienced by real people, nor that death during the nightmare results in the death of the one experiencing the nightmare.





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