Ezvin Scionov Marveet was born into a life of privilege and wealth, but he never quite fit the mold of what his father, Scion expected him to become. He was the product of Scion’s second marriage, which had ended in a bitter divorce that left him somewhat estranged from his father, although they are on stable terms now. From a young age, Ezvin knew he had a different path to tread. He was only a few years younger than his half-brother Maksim, and the two shared a deep and unbreakable bond. While they were close, they were both quite distinct in their personalities and interests.

Ezvin had little interest in joining the ranks of Scion’s corporation. He had an innate passion for music, a talent that had emerged at an early age, and he nurtured these gifts. From the moment he picked up a guitar and composed his first song, it was clear that music was his true calling. He decided to make a name for himself in the music industry as a producer and a singer-songwriter, a path that earned him both recognition and respect in his own right. For years he has attempted to convince Maksim to record a label, though his half-brother continues to resist the idea.

Ezvin was unapologetically single, not out of an inability to find a partner but because he had no desire to settle down or become a parent. Over the years, he had many boyfriends who came and went, but none managed to tie him down. He was a free spirit, reveling in the independence his career afforded him. He was known for his strong-willed nature as well, which often manifested in his creative pursuits, but it was balanced with a kind and compassionate, if someone mischievous, heart. He had a protective instinct that extended to his family, especially to Maksim and his half-sisters. The wild and unpredictable Jaxen took care of himself.

Ezvin was the type of person who effortlessly made friends from all walks of life. He had an uncanny ability to get along with an array of people, from fellow musicians to fans and industry insiders. Like Maksim, he was the life of the party, never one to decline an invitation to an event or gathering. Yet beneath his fun-loving exterior, he wields a strong sense of justice. He doesn’t turn a blind eye to wrongs, and he tolerates no bullshit. In that way, he has much of the personality that Scion hoped Maksim would manifest.


Ezvin is in his mid 30’s. He has brunette hair the same color as Jaxen’s, though he wears it long around the ears. He has the same big eyes as his brothers, but most closely resembles Maksim. He’s lean, and average height, and not particularly muscular or imposing.



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