The Asquith Family

A family of old aristocratic blood and great familial wealth, the kind of fortune amassed from the bowed backs of others. They have raised their children in the Di Inferi tradition for centuries, being one of the founding families to immortalise their teachings by expanding into the sanctuary of the Americas. They maintain a marked influence in both continents through deep lines of blood and lineage. In fact if one truly knows what to look for, they need not look very far in order to spot the Asquith influence pulling subtle strings of power throughout the decades. They nurture this influence through politics, fame, abundant wealth, convenient marriage, and careful breeding. To the common eye they are known simply as being one of the most recognisable and richest names of antiquated nobility in England, second only to the defunct Royal Family.

Noted Family Members

Helena Augusta Victoria Asquith

Estranged daughter, currently living in Moscow. Helena was cast out after the furore surrounding her supposed murder of her husband. Though she was acquitted of the crime, it brought great scrutiny and embarrassment to the family dynasty. This seems to suit her fine. Currently she owns the underground club Almaz, where she practises her healing arts on the gruesome injuries of its fighters.

Balthazar Charles Amadeus Asquith

Helena’s brother, who harbours a great love of history and archaeology, and has studied across the world. He met Nesrin Aziz at a university in Giza, after which the Asquiths chose to sponsor her education, supposedly in charity.



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