Custody Domestic Protection Service (CDPS)

CDPS is a government agency that serves as an investigative body and an intelligence agency. CDPS is distinct from law enforcement, where local police forces have jurisdiction at the city and Dominance level. CDPS can exert legal jurisdiction in cases of Custody national security, significant violent crime, and national criminal organizations.


An Inspector is charged with the mandate to detect and investigate crimes against the CCD.
A Chief Inspector is likewise charged with the same mandate, but has immediate legal authority to waive personal rights in the conduct of a case. Essentially a Chief Investigator has the increased legal authority of a Custody Judge and the enforcement of a CDPS officer.


CDPS is organized under a system of Unit and Sections. Chief official of CDPS is the Commissioner-General of Custody Police, whom also holds office over the police force. The Commissioner-General sits on the Ascendancy’s Collective.

Task Force Domovoi

Task Force Domovoi is, officially, for dealing with terrorist attacks in urban areas. Use of non-lethal weapon systems will help prevent loss of civilian life and damage to infrastructure. That is the official story, anyway.

Current player characters

Drayson McCullough, Chief Inspector (37)



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