Task Force Domovoi is officially for dealing with terrorist attacks in urban areas. Use of non-lethal weapon systems will help prevent loss of civilian life and damage to infrastructure. That is the official story, anyway.



  • Captain Stamen Viktor Aleksandrov. Team CO. Bulgarian man, late 50s.
  • Officer Konstantinov. Ukrainian man, late 20s.
  • Officer Sokolov. Ukrainian man, late 20s.
  • Officer Kira Zinoviya. Russian woman, late 20s. Prosthetic leg. Armoury.
  • Detective Jérémie Favager. French man, early 30s. Grey hair.
  • Detective Hedy Köhl. German woman, early 30s. Short.
  • Lieutenant Ignác Jáchym Chmela. Czechoslovakian man, late 20s. SPMU IC.

The task force has over fifty names on the roster.


The precinct, in located in Golyanovo district, dated back to the days of the former Soviet Union, and strongly looked the part. Unimaginative grey concrete, narrow windows covered in thick bars, and tall steps up to the entrance. And a wheel-chair accessible ramp, of course.

The precinct was a three story fortress, meant to be intimidating in appearance and brutally functional. Efforts had been made in recent years to soften the building’s interior; pictures were hung, inter-department sports league and competition trophies sat on shelves. Even plants. Real ones, not the plastic ones one might have otherwise expected. Carpet, and renovations to break up the featureless concrete walls with rich red brick or wood paneling. Anything to give the place a more pleasant feel.

Cells were in the basement, where criminals and hooligans were housed while waiting for processing, and below that was a subbasement that had been used to store old office furniture or forgotten paperwork for decades.

Medical Staff

Anyone that the team arrested would not be kept in the general population. Any channelers that are arrested would require sedation for confinement. Therefore, a medical staff is always on hand.


Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response Rifles. Pulsed Energy Projectiles. Long Range Acoustic Devices.

The Chief Inspector is stringent on non-lethal take downs.



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