The Divine Healer

Raphael was one of the seven highest servants of the High Ones who held a position of significant reverence and importance.

Raphael, the “Divine Healer”, was the patron saint of those who were ill and the caregivers who attended to them on Earth. Traditionally, Raphael was often depicted as a youthful, pleasant figure, clad in traveling clothes and bearing a staff. Always kind, Raphael stood ready to provide aid to those who sought comfort and healing.

Raphael’s healing approach often intertwined with nature. A recurring symbol associated with him is the fish, a reference to a celebrated tale in which Raphael healed a man’s blindness using a fish, emphasizing his creative and resourceful approaches to healing.

Known for his unique bond with the environment and the natural world, Raphael’s primary associated color was green, representing life, growth, and healing. Being deeply intertwined with nature, Raphael’s presence often manifested in intriguing and subtle ways. One of the most profound signs of his proximity was the perception of sparks or flashes of green light. This color, emblematic of nature and healing, was Raphael’s signature hue.

He was a beacon of hope during the Age’s darkest years, acting as the conduit for the light of healing. Upon the Fall of the Watchers, he roamed among them to heal their hurts and hearts, offering redemption and restoration of their faith. Raphael specifically visited Azazel following his capture, and to his great sadness, found nothing that may be redeemed within his fallen brother. He also visited Samyaza in his prison, but was not allowed to provide any comfort beyond empathy and conversation.

He attended to the broken world until the end of his days.

Previous Lives

1st Age: Jensen James, Restorer



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