Divine Watchers

The Watchers, or Grigori, were an order of two-hundred angels stationed to Earth to shepherd and guide humanity early in the 5th Age. They served as vast reservoirs of information and guidance, and their selflessness and dedication to justice was beyond compare or reproach. It was their job to observe only, lending a helping hand when necessary, but they were forbidden from interfering in the course of human development, which was to remain pure. This included a vow to sire no children.

They guarded in both the flesh and the dream, and were intermediaries and messengers between the heavens and earth. Though not always natural Dreamwalkers, the Watchers were also tasked with guarding the bridges, pockets and the Star Gap of the dreamworld. They were given tools with which to access the World of Dreams should they need them. Prophecy divined from the lessons of previous Ages led to strict governance of Tel’aran’rhiod, and in particular the pathways between worlds. Exploration or meddling with the Pattern of the dream was strictly forbidden.

They were led by Samyaza and his second in command, Azazel.

The Fall

The Fall of the Watchers nearly brought about apocalypse level destruction. It was instigated by Naamah, who preyed upon the leader among them by presenting herself in unassuming innocence. A gifted channeler, she is said to have woven spells to warp the appearance of human women, making them more desirable not only in appearance but in soul, so that even divine beings such as angels were lured to the temptation of lying with them. Naamah seduced their leader Samyaza specifically, until the order’s angels finally relented to their temptations.

At first Samyaza gathered together his men, initially doubting their resolve to forswear heaven and their duties. He was afraid, as their leader, that he alone would pay for their rebelliousness. But in the end the angels made a binding oath amongst themselves. All were in agreement.

Afterwards the Watchers began to defect and abandon their duties guarding the dreamworld, taking human women to wife and fathering children that became known as the fearsome and corrupted Nephilim. Naamah took Samyaza as a husband, and bore him children. But her work was not done. Next she preyed upon Azazel, manipulating his restlessness and resentments, and inciting him to whisper in the ears of man the secrets of warfare. The other Watchers too began to share their forbidden knowledge.

She intended them to build an army. Not one of men, but one of nephilim. She intended an entire new world order; to overturn the rulers of their pantheon, to reclaim dominion of the dreamworld, and to reassert the right and rule of channelers. It was the work of long years of careful and targeted whispering, and for a while it flourished. Together, the Watchers and their demigod offspring began to dominate rule of the earth.

Yet it ended in open rebellion, an attempt to gain control of Tel’aran’rhiod, and ultimately failure when four Archangels were called to crush them. The world was to be wiped clean of its corruption.


Uriel sent warnings of the coming Flood to man; Gabriel was dispatched to destroy the half-breeds as well as the children of men born from sin; Raphael was sent to punish Azazel by binding and casting him into Sheol; and finally, Michael bound Samyaza in the stars and hunted down the rest of the sinful Watchers, who were punished with damnation.

None ever knew Naamah’s role, or her intentions. Azazel, as the angel to reveal the forbidden secrets of war, bore the full blame — and the most severe punishment.

So close was the call of desctruction, its tremors were felt all the way into the end of the next Age, striking terror into the Norse pantheon and urging Odin to act decisively against Loki’s monstrous children, for fear they would break the very Wheel.



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