The Norse Pantheon was made up of male and female channelers centered within the city of Asgard.


Aesir – The ruling male channelers, led by the All-father, Odin from his seat in Valaskialf.
Asynjur – The ruling female channelers
Dvurges – the greatest of all craftsmen, forgers of weapons, ter’angreal, and notable objects
Nidavellir – city of the Dvurges, the craftsman.
Jotunheim – Sworn political enemies of the Aesir
Vanir – The oldest of the gods, they were masters of ancient ways of channeling. They lived in Vanaheim and were renown as readers of the future. By the time the Aesir came into power, only three Vanir remained, including Freyr and Freyja.
Alfheim – Legend described them as elves as many were renown artists and musicians. Some of the most beautiful people in all the realms were said to come from the “land of the light’ that lies to the east of Asgard. Freyr was the ruler of Alfheim.

Notable items of the Norse pantheon

Andvaranaut – a ring and one of the pieces of the treasure of a dvergue named Andvari.
Brisingamen – a beautiful necklace or perhaps a belt, forged by four individuals of the Dvurges known as the Brisings. It was coveted and owned by the goddess Freyja, with whom she seduced in turn in order to convince them to part with it. The necklace was stolen by Loki who snatched it from her neck in the middle of the night. She eventually recovered the necklace, but she later broke it in a rage over potentially being blackmailed into marrying a man she did not wish to, Trymr. Each of the links are purported to have different uses.
Lokabrenna – This was a torch or a sceptor owned by Loki that burned bright as the star, Sirius.
Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer and one of the most fearsome of all weapons made. It is capable of levelling mountains, send lightning bolts, kill or destroy as well as revive and heal.
Falcon cloak – this was a cloak owned by the goddess Freyja that allowed her to take the form of a hawk
Gungnir – a finely crafted spear-like weapon made by the Dvurges which Loki gave to Odin.
Draupnir – an arm ring forged by Sindri, a Dvergue thought to be the greatest craftsman alive, that Loki tricked into presenting to Odin. It’s said to replicate every nine nights.
Bifröst – a bridge used to Travel between cities or even worlds.
Runespear – this spear was more than a weapon, it could be used to render the wielder invisible. Two channelers may share its power, but not while dueling at the same time. It was won by Sigyn, wife of Loki, in competition.


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Reincarnated Members of the Norse Pantheon

Reincarnated Members of the Norse Jotunheim



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