Blight Veteran, former scout, and Gaidar of the White Tower


Originally from Kandor. Born a soldier’s daughter, but raised by her uncle after his death. Elly spent her entire youth amongst a small company of skirmishers. Faider’s men were legendary for their harrying along the Blightborder, with a reputation for their fearlessness. If they did not quite know what to do with a young girl in their midst they raised her the best they could. This unusual upbringing accounts for some of her blunt mannerisms; she is accustomed to living and working with men.

As a young woman, Elly took a position under the famed Captain Akari Miyakawa, and the two are still close friends. It took time to adjust to the strict order of the Scouts, but Elly garnered a name for herself. She worked hard to earn her place.

After the death of her uncle Faider, whom it took three trollocs to bring down, she returned to the men who had raised her to honour his memory.

Akari’s face flashed pain momentarily and a strong hand reached forward to squeeze the other woman’s shoulder. “Tai’shar Malkieri, Light take him and give him peace.” And then a smirk. “Faider was among the finest fighters I’ve seen. The Pattern will likely spin the old goat out sooner rather than later…he always was a handful.”

Akari Miyakawa
Razamira Sedai

Later, she offered to accompany the warderless Brown Sister Razamira Trifule through the Blight, and completed the duty by returning her home to Tar Valon afterwards. She was enamoured of the woman’s strength and bravery. But though Elly expected the Aes Sedai to offer a bond, she did not.

Stung and surprised at the rejection, she remained at the Tower afterwards, reconnecting with Captain Miyakawa, who by then had become tangled with the Tower herself — in fact bonded by the then Amyrlin Seat, Kaydrienne Lindelle.

At the Tower

“Eleanore Candevin Aramorgran. She escorted a Brown Sister whilst the woman ambled around recording flora in the Blight — the Light only knows what she was thinking, with no gaidin to see her safely. Worse, Razamira has no thought for the grave insult of letting that one go the moment her feet touched Tower soil. Browns, for you.” Her hands gesticulated lazily as she spoke. “She set her sights on Milene Auri next.” The Aes Sedai clicked her tongue in irritation. “Foolish to contemplate a Sister who married her Warder, only then to wonder at her burnt fingers. Foolish too not to realise a sister does the choosing and not the other way around. Now she swears a need to return north and for home. A vital waste.”

Maylis Sedai, The Wheel Turns

While at the Tower Elly offered her expertise to the master at arms, Blakeahle Darwyn. She led classes with the trainees for some time, eventually coming to be recruited by Reis Furano gaidin to teach his Aes Sedai wife, Milene Auri. Elly liked the fiery young Green immediately, and for a while the two got on extremely well. It isn’t generally known what transpired between the three of them, but once more Elly found herself at the sharp end of rejection. Rumour suggests that jealousy was at fault (indeed, Milene still only has the one warder). Elly is flirtatious and at times perhaps a little too obvious with it. She has a ribald and uncouth sense of humour, and little sense of political savvy.

She was also recruited to privately teach the Brown Malaika Niele.

By now Eleanore had become a common face around Tower, and in the Green Ajah halls in particular. But her pride was injured. She finally made it known that her intention was to return home.


The woman looked tired now Nythadri really saw her; hollowed out, and somewhat bitter as she arrowed her attention down. Dark hair ghosted around her chin, and faint scars nicked at the strong beauty of her face, though she wore them like badges. A sullen set to her features held her lips sealed. Perhaps she regretted the instinct that forced action before thought. Maylis had said she planned to return to the Blight after her fingers burned on Razamira Sedai’s empty promises — after being led by the nose all the way to Tar Valon, no less. If she did not want this; if she would not accept it, could Nythadri force it? It would save her life but at a cost that turned her stomach.

Nythadri, The Wheel Turns

Eleanore finally came by the bond she sought by unconventional means.

Intuition sent her through the gateway of two Aes Sedai she observed on Tower grounds. The two sisters were Talin of the Yellow Ajah, and Nythadri, a newly raised Green.

After a confrontation, Talin gave an ultimatum; that to protect their interests, Nythadri must bond the woman to ensure her loyalty and trust. Though Elly had little idea what was going on, she consented, and pledged binding oaths of protection and fealty.

Nythadri was deeply disturbed by the situation and her part in it. It has shaped the early nature of their relationship.

Eleanore threw the Aes Sedai a tight glance too before she drew her sword in one smooth motion and thrust it point-down to the earth. No smile softened her features as she knelt. Hand on hilt. Hand on heart.

Above them the first spits of rain began to fall.

from The Wheel Turns


“A darkfriend. Nay, a flaming dreadlord, Nythadri. There is no redemption for the things he has done, and it’s an insult to let him live. Even if we die in the trying.”

Elly, Respite & Resolve

Thus, blunt and honourable Eleanore has found herself in the storm’s eye centre of a dangerous plot. Little has been shared with her as to the true nature of what is going on. She understands she is being asked to trust the dreadlord responsible for breaching the walls of the Tower, and it does not sit right with her. The strength of her loyalty to her Aes Sedai will be tested, that is for sure.


Elly is tall and broad, with sun-tanned skin, dark eyes and dark hair worn above the shoulder. She wears a leather hadori due to claimed ancestry (despite the implications), usually woven into the braids in her hair. Her features are strong and attractive, and cut by old scars that she wears proudly. She has a voice rich and deep as honey and carries herself with a blatantly feminine air, yet also adopts many masculine mannerisms. Among them is a fondness for smoking a pipe.

She favours Kandori wide trousers and blouses, usually cut purposefully low and open. She celebrates her femininity and thinks nothing of using her body as a distraction, usually finding the interest amusing. She’s an unapologetic flirt, a stickler for honour, and quick to laugh (with a strange sense of humour, usually quite ribald too). Rejection is something of a sore point and the quickest way to offend her. Usually she covers this with staunch and tight-jawed formality.

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