The 3rd Age Life of Nythadri Vanditera

Description: Moderately tall and curvaceously built, with black hair worn long and startlingly pale blue eyes rimmed with dark lashes. Nythadri is beautiful, but in an imposing and cold way. Her humour is often cynical and dry, but she can be warm among friends, and makes a point of being genuine and unfalteringly honest with those she is closest to. Very unforgiving of betrayal, and has not spoken to her family since enrolling at the Tower.

She has always hated the Great Game, but always finds herself tangled up in it – it is an innate part of her being whether she wishes it or not. The Tower has shown her it is the pettiness among nobles she dislikes most, rather than the way a silver-tongue can move people like pieces on a chess board. Nyth is a gifted speaker and (though few are aware of it) a talented musician, though she has not had much opportunity to practise the latter skill since coming to the Tower.

Nythadri likes to bend rules when it suits her, or break them if she thinks it necessary or to her benefit. She is very clearly an intelligent woman, but amongst her tutors it is generally considered that she does not live up to her potential in class. She is too errant and, while not a troublemaker in the traditional sense, is too independent minded to be one of the Accepted who jump to every passing Aes Sedai’s tune in the hopes of speeding up the time until she’s raised.
Immediate Family:

  • Father: Mishael
  • Mother: Danollia
  • Brother: Tashir (deceased)
  • Sisters: Oshara & Emria (both younger)

Before the Tower:

Outside of House Vanditera, Nythadri was a persona stooped in mystery. Rumour claimed her the wayward eldest daughter of a dying house, reluctant to accept her status and on bad terms with her father, Mishael, whom it was said she has not spoken to since the death of her brother. Such hearsay was fuelled further by the fact she rarely made appearances at formal functions and, at eighteen, had no plans for marriage, nor an abundance of suitors lined at her door. The truth was that Nythadri was slowly going blind; a hereditary condition that could be decelerated but not cured. Such a foul omen left her with no tolerance for the intricacies of noble life – what time she had left with her eyesight she would rather not spend as a pawn of a greater game. Soft-hearted as her father was, he mostly left her to her own devices, despite the damaging rumours of her reputation. He hoped she would one day snap out of her idealistic world views – views he believed to be self-pitying – and realize that her place is was Lady Nythadri, daughter of House Vanditera and heir to the High Seat.

Born and raised in Caemlyn, family ties and the dire situation of her House were the only things keeping Nythadri rooted. She took to escaping her family estates to mingle with the commoners of Caemlyn, on the streets taking the persona of Sacha, a tavern performer. Caught and followed by her elder brother, Tashir, it was one such evening that led to his death. Nythadri knew only vaguely of the sizeable investment made by Tairen merchants into the Vanditera’s crops, though she did know the House had suffered great losses at an unfavourable yield. Merchants of the same guild enjoyed the fine wine and entertainment of the tavern Nythadri had chosen to visit, and they recognized her brother with dreadful consequences. That Tashir’s death occurred under scandalous circumstances, and that Mishael’s eldest daughter was involved, are the only things publicly known of the incident. Such is the way it will stay, although afterwards Lord Mishael seemed to have urgent plans to marry his daughter off.

She had planned to run away to join the Tuatha’an along with her lover, Farune, but with the events surrounding the murder of her brother such plans were put on hold. Whilst attending a rare social event, in which Queen Elayne was joined by the Amyrlin Seat, Nythadri was discovered to have the Spark. The very next day a Blue called Karina came to take her to the Tower. Nythadri refused, of course, until the woman offered a cure for her failing sight. Hoping Farune would understand, Nythadri finally agreed (not that she actually had much choice). Farune took the news badly, and they parted on uneasy terms.

At the Tower:

Though she fit into Tower life easily, she did not have a taste for the rules. She tended to skirt them rather than break them, or manipulate them to suit her, and was never caught in serious trouble. She accepted the Arches test the first time it was offered to her, and upon returning to her rooms found out that Farune wanted to speak with her. Getting permission to visit the city was easy enough, but the meeting did not go how she envisioned. Farune had moved on, and came only to say goodbye – properly this time. Nythadri was crushed, and managed to procure some strong liquor to drown her sorrows. Though half-way inebriated, she was stopped by an Asha’man who, though Nythadri did not know it at the time, had recently Bonded the current Mistress of Novices, Yelendrian, and he escorted her back to the Tower. Unbeknownst to either of them, Rikela Sedai of the Blue had watched the whole sorry debacle, and had put a powder in Nythadri’s water to stop the adverse effects of a hangover the next morning.

The punishment for her infraction was severe, not least because she refused to admit to wrong-doing, and she was sent to the farm for a penance lasting six months. Though she was furious at the time, in retrospect the punishment was for the best; left in the Tower, she would have quite recklessly thrown herself into the arms of the nearest willing man for no other reason than to spite the memory of her ex-lover. Instead that frustration and pain was taken out on manual labour. If nothing else, the whole sorry ordeal has strengthened Nythadri’s resolve to be at the White Tower, and while she still proves difficult to tame and mould, she at least now has the goal of reaching the shawl firmly in her mind. It is that or fail and be put from the Tower, and Nythadri will not fail.

It took a further six months for Nythadri to catch up on the Tower studies she had missed, as well as keep herself level with the other Accepted – an exceptionally fast time by anyone’s standards.

The Catalyst for Change:

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