Work in Progress! Alphabetical order by first name. * denotes that the character used to be PC

Adrasteia Sedai* (Deceased)

Former Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah and Keeper of the Chronicles under Kaydrienne, following Corele’s “death.” She was tall and stately, with grey hair. She was executed alongside Kaydrienne following Kekura’s coup.

Aileen Sedai*

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Aileen’s father was an Asha’man called Ifan, and she spent most of her childhood growing up on the Black Tower grounds. She has long dark hair and dresses practically, favouring breeches when she’s training. She lives on Black Tower grounds and is Lythia’s Eyes and Ears there.

Akari Miyakawa*

Captain from the Borderlands and Warder to Kaydrienne. She’s a minor ta’veren. Tall with Aiel blood and a fearsome reputation. She has a dog called Stone.

After the execution of the former Amyrlin Seat Kaydrienne Lindelle, Akari’s fate is unknown. Presumed dead.

Anura Gaidar

Gaidar to Eithne Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Originally of the Sea Folk.

Blakeale Darwyn*

Former warder to Lythia Sedai. Andoran nobility with a serious claim to bid for the throne of Andor as their first king in centuries. He was shuffled off to the White Tower for warder training in honor of the traditions of the Daughter-Heir and novices. That he actually ended up bonded to an Aes Sedai was something of political controversy. Blonde and handsome. Blake was released from his bond upon Lythia’s forced Turning towards the Shadow. Beyond that his fate is unknown.

Brenna Celet*

Aes Sedai and Sitter for the Brown Ajah. Blonde hair, strikingly featured, but with a mouth others often mistake for a sneer. One of Malaika Niele’s mentors as an Accepted and young Aes Sedai, Brenna agreed to help her trace her blood-family in exchange for knowledge about the Seanchan. Their work together has made Brenna an expert in the field. The two maintain a formal friendship. She has a personal maid called Daniol Nydara, who is her Eyes and Ears in the Tower.

She supported Kekura Sedai’s action against Kaydrienne Lindelle, believing her fellow Sitter Fate would be spared upon reswearing her oaths. She was unaware that the oath rod was missing from the Tower.

Broekk Calanal*

Aes Sedai and Sitter for the White Ajah. Tall and willowy Domani, with dark, warm-almond eyes and waves of dark chocolate hair about an often kindly face. Broekk has chosen to specialise in psychology, and often takes the role of counsellor with her charges; particularly children and young trainees, but also adults when the need for it arises. She is somewhat warmer than the usual White, and her methods cater to the emotions of the individual; one is left with the impression that she cares, rather than that they are simply a facet of a White’s machinations. In light of her personable attitude and (seemingly) unending patience, it is not unusual for her to be among the first sought-out to aid troubled minds, and occasionally novices will come to her with their troubles when they fear the wrath of the Mistress of Novices (though she will send them right back on their way should they be wasting her time).

She served as Sitter first under Kaydrienne, and later Kekura.


Born in Arad Doman, more years ago than she cares to remember, Broekk ran away from home at the age of eight after being yelled at by her mother. The Will of the Wheel seemed with her, though, for that night her family’s house was broken into and all inside were killed; something Broekk did not learn this until she became Aes Sedai. That night the youth wandered the city, finding shelter in some hay on the back of a cart. Deeply burrowed within, the owner did not notice the small girl and left the city with the orphan still there, by now soundly asleep. Broekk woke scared and lonely, and channeled for the first time to speed the horses to their destination in the hope that she might get back home, unaware that already she was far from Arad Doman. Channeling, however, made her dreadfully sick, and she lay in the cart with a fever that night, shaking and gasping for air. That was how the owner found her, and not knowing what to do, took her with him the distance left to Tar Valon.

The women of the Tower found it easy to explain what had happened to her, a bit amazed that she was so young. Broekk entered her name as a novice, and didn’t look back until she wore the shawl. Unlike many Whites, she has a soft spot for novices, though once they are raised to Accepted she treats them as she should. She in fact has a soft spot for all children, and seems to be sought out by them when she is not in the Tower.

Byron Calanail*

Gaidin of the White Tower. Byron was a Dagger of the Tower, deployed by Corele Sedai, then Keeper of the Chronicles. Sent on covert missions that the Tower could not afford to be involved in, he maintained a series of alternate identities. The primary one being Byron Gaidin, a goofy, unbonded warder that played practical jokes and lazed around the Tower.

Unknown to all, he is Elsae’s father and the son of Arikan and Lilis.

See: Byron for more information.

Caia’li jal Norashar*

Aes Sedai and Sitter for the Green Ajah. A fierce and formal wolf-sister, and bondmate to Vladamir Armendariz. Fearing Caia’s keen senses would recognise the change in her, Lythia sent the Green Sitter to Shienar.

Daniel Larnair (Deceased)

Former M’Hael of the Black Tower, a title he held since shortly after the Battle of Tar Valon. One of his first acts was to cleanse the Tower by decorating the Traitor’s Tree. He had a ruthless reputation.

Larnair was assassinated as part of a plot by Lythia Krean, in which Jai Kojima was Compelled to complete the task. He was instead killed by Arikan.

Eithne Sedai

Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, former tinker. One of Malaika’s mentors. Bonded to Anura Gaidar, formerly of the Sea Folk.

Ellomai Sedai

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, head librarian at the royal library in Caemlyn and advisor to the Queen. She heads a network of Eyes and Ears and reports to Lythia Sedai. Her hair is grey, her bearing stately, and her eyes merry. Despite her scholarly nature she always vowed herself Green on account of her Malkieri blood, but is often mistaken for a Brown Sister. Her warder is called Olvas.

Elsae Aloise (Accepted)*

Accepted of the White Tower. She has an identical twin sister named Elseen who was on her way to Tar Valon when she was captured by the Seanchan in Murandy. Elsae is a strange, childlike girl, but this behavior is a projection of what she deems necessary to fit in. She has not declared an Ajah aspirancy. She has taken a strong liking to Byron Gaidin, whom she considers a friend and mentor.

Esenya Sedai

Aes Sedai, Sitter for the Yellow Ajah. Formal and dignified, hails from the Borderlands. As tall as most men, dark of hair and eye, dresses modestly. Healed Jai Kojima when Asha’man Araya brought him to Tar Valon, following his beating from Lennox Orander, and was one of the Sitters Kekura Sedai called to hear Jai’s testimony of Trista’s enslavement. She retained her Seat after the coup.

Fate Zarine Dark* (Deceased)

Aes Sedai and Sitter for the Brown Ajah. Unusually light Domani with blonde hair and gold skin, sister to Daryen Daimon, the King of Arad Doman. They have a younger sister called Kiaralil. Fate was reputed to be very beautiful, and was the strongest woman in the Tower. She was also Mistress of Horses and oversaw the Tower stables. She had a great love of and an affinity with horses.

After Kaydrienne was deposed as Amyrlin Seat, Fate was given and accepted the option to swear fealty anew on the oath rod, on the proviso that Kaydrienne could be convinced to give up its location. She did not, and as a result Fate was executed.

Graciela Armendariz*

Graciela Togita is the great-niece of the King of Shienar through her grandmother’s blood. She witnessed Isabella Sedai’s foretelling to Vladamir Armendariz, which took his fate and duty to Tar Valon and the White Tower. Of the two brothers, it was he she had wished to marry. Instead her official engagement was announced to his older brother, Xavier, whom she has come to love. They have two children, Misaki and Kenta. Graciela recently came to the White Tower seeking aid against the Blight, only to be turned away. Instead she has secured aid from Andor.


Graciela Togita is the great-niece of the King of Shienar through her grandmother’s blood. She was raised in Fal Moran by her mother, an honorable, good woman of the Light to grow to be a lady that would proudly carry the family name and do credit to Shienar with her stalwart courage and conviction. Graciela fulfilled all these roles as she grew in age and character. As a girl she always imagined marrying into a strong, Noble, borderlander family. She sometimes dreamt of what it would be like to live in Kandor or Arafel with their mountain strongholds and mighty histories. Though when she was informed that she would marry the son of the Lord of Fal Sion, she was not disappointed. She was 14 at the time her mother, grandmother and their family undertook the pilgrimage to the Blight Border Fortress to make the engagement official. It was along the same road as Fal Dara, which she had seen when she was a small child. She remembered the feeling of awe that the Keeps impressed upon her when she was a small girl. And upon the return trip, this time to Fal Sion, she was proud of the might of those high walls, believing that someday she would be their Mistress beside a strong, honorable husband.

Her first night in the Keep remains emblazoned in her memory to this day. The evening banquet was over, it was an occasion that made her spend much time choosing her clothing and arranging her dark hair into a flattering style around her face. She chose a dress of charcoal and blues for the event, and by her family name she was allowed to bear embroidered swooping hawks worked into a pattern of embroidery around the sleeves. She spent a long time looking at herself in a mirror before the feast, hoping she would do her future husband proud when they first met laid eyes on one another, although she did not know his exact identity yet. The food was marvelous, of course, and much honor was given to her grandmother, the sister of king Easar. Eventually her mother and father were honored, which made Graciela very proud to be their only child. And finally, she herself was introduced to the feast, “Her Lady Grace, Graciela of House Togita.” Nothing was spoken concerning an engagement, as it had not yet been announced officially. In fact, Graciela herself only knew because her mother made her swear to keep the secret. Arranged marriages are always more difficult for the woman involved than the man.

During dinner, she could not help but glance at the two sons of Lord Armendariz. The older one, Xavier, was handsome, rugged, and very muscled, and only 6 years older than herself. At the age of 20 he was already honored for bravery in battle, was rumored to be highly respected and well-liked among the Lancers of the Keep, and would inherit the Keep as their next Lord. The younger son, Vladamir, was two years older than herself. He was quieter than his brother, but just as handsome. He wasn’t as tall or as cut as Xavier, but she could tell that he carried himself with confidence, honor, and strength. While Xavier inspired other men to smile with his words of encouragement and inspiration, Vladamir listened to them speak instead. And when Graciela saw him smile, it made her heart weak. Alas, she watched them both during dinner, but did not know which one she was to marry. She caught Xavier looking at her several times and he would smile from across the room. But she only caught Vladamir looking at her once, but he quickly looked down or to his brother in deference.

After the banquet she was informed that her parents and grandmother would meet with Lord Armendariz and his wife alone. Graciela knew the subject of their conversation would include many important matters of the state of the country, the Keep, and the Blight. But she also thought their official engagement would be finalized as well. She was walking back toward the women’s apartments when the alarm bells went out. Her young ears had never heard their sound tolled ever before in Fal Moran, some distance from the Blight, but they chilled her bones. She knew what they meant. The Keep was attacked. Trollocs or Myrdraal might be within the walls itself! She abandoned her path toward the women’s apartments and went toward Lord Armendariz’s office, seeking her mother. She got lost along the way, though, and as the alarms went on and on she started to get worried. She was able to keep her wits about her though when she turned a corner and ran straight into the young Vladamir Armendariz.

He was dressed in under armor clothing as though ready to bear steel plates and armed to join forces at the walls of the Keep. And in that environment, he seemed fiercer than he had at the banquet. His eyes flashed and she knew that he would be an asset to the men fighting without. They stood and stared at one another for a moment, having just now coming this close to one another. He towered over her height and she suddenly wondered it would be like to be wrapped in his arms. But like it or not, she was lost, and had to ask for assistance to find her way to her mother. Thankfully, Vladamir led her and she was able to spend more time in his presence. He was kind and patient with her questions, and escorted her straight to her mother.

The next day the Keep celebrated their victory over the attack that brought shadowspawn to the very walls of Fal Sion. The celebration was largely due to the fortunate presence of Isabella Sedai of the Green Ajah, who traveled with her family from Fal Moran. But the lancers, archers, and soldiers were also mighty defenders of the Blight Border so as to make Shienar proud. Graciela was very honored to have a chance to be the next Lady of Fal Sion someday. She asked her mother but was told that official talk of her engagement was delayed due to the battle. She hoped that sometime during the celebration it would be announced.

She waited patiently when the Lord and Lady of Fal Sion were announced to a throng of cheers at the celebration. Then she sat forward on her seat when Lords Xavier and Vladamir were announced. Apparently Xavier had given the orders at the wall that night and his keen strategy had saved many lives. But all fell silent when Isabella Sedai suddenly stiffened and spoke in a strange, monotone voice. She foretold Vladamir’s fate, that he would save a life and whose life he saved would go on to save the lives of thousands, that he would be a warder and bound to the White Tower.

Graciela was shocked, just as her mother, grandmother, Isabella, Xavier, Lord Armendariz, and every other attendant at the celebration. Before she could blink, he was escorted off to Tar Valon with a company of men honoring him as he left. And she was informed of an engagement to Xavier a few weeks later.

She finally wed Xavier a year later. She bore her first child a year after that, a daughter named Misaki which means Blossom in the Old Tongue (now 14), and another two years followed a son named Kenta (now 12), which means Strong in the Old Tongue. She took to her new family and home well and quickly earned the respect of Fal Sion with a reputation for justice, honor, honesty, and loyalty. At one point she heard that her brother in law, Vladamir, was raised to some honorable rank in Tar Valon, and she imagined he deserved every honor the White Tower could give and she was proud to be a part of such a noble family. But since then no word has come about him and over the years Graciela always wondered how he fared in this world and who it was that he was meant to save as Isabella had foretold. Over the years as well, Graciela fell in love with her husband, but once in a while her thoughts turned to Vladamir, and what might have been if that foretelling had never taken place.


Asha’man Araya’s housekeeper at his residence in Tar Valon, and main carer of his ward Korene (Araya considers them both family, and it is often assumed she is his wife). Hana is a widower. Her husband was an Asha’man called Daeyl, and Araya was the one to deliver news of his death. She has brown hair streaked with grey and dresses in dark colours. Her manner is formal and efficient. She informs Nythadri of the goings on in Tar Valon.

Kabryn Asoor

Warder to Maylis Sedai of the Green Ajah. Curly hair flecked with grey. Bearded with a scar that intersects his cheek. Wiry build, around 5’8” tall. He’s usually friendly with an affable sense of humour. Kabryn was the warder to spar Zahir on the field, and managed to bruise his face, earning the gleeman’s enmity.

Kaori Gaidin

A tall man, and Talin Sedai’s Warder. The sides of his head are shaved, with a long dark braid following the slope of his skull. Presumed to be from Shienar. Elly suspects him for an oathbreaker, but this is as yet unconfirmed. Though he is bonded to Talin, it is unclear how they met.  He has a black and white piebald horse called Badger.

Kasimir Nevaren*

Born to a Seanchan father and Ebou Dari mother. He is the middle child, with one older and one younger sister. When Kas was eighteen he stole his father’s armour and was caught in Arad Doman, accused of being a Seanchan spy. Fortunately he was acquitted after an investigation by Aes Sedai, and returned home, whereupon he discovered one of the Sisters was his aunt. Kas fled for the Tower soon after she left, intent on becoming a warder, but Malaika insisted he ought to make amends with his father before it was too late. He did return, but did not stay long, this time headed for Lugard where he obtained mercenary work. Kas is a miscreant, full of life, and often in trouble. He is exceptionally talented with knives.

See: Kasimir for more information and current whereabouts.

Kaydrienne Lindelle* (Deceased)

Amyrlin Seat raised from the Blue Ajah. She was a leader that promoted peace, both with the Black Tower and with unification of the lands in anticipation of the Last Battle. Her rule was quite strong, but was plagued with unlucky support in key positions of leadership, and the attack on Tar Valon by the dreadlord Arikan.

She was deposed in a coup led by Kekura Sedai of the Red Ajah, and executed alongside her Keeper, Adrasteia.

Keio Telerian*

Miscreant servant of the White Tower. She has dark hair with a slight curl, and a round, cherubic face, with a small nose, sparkling blue eyes and an impish smile. Inquisitive and mischievous, Keio is – like many her age – a child who thinks little of speaking exactly what is on her mind with brazen honesty. Fear is a thing yet to be learned and, with a tomboyish nature, she often finds herself in places she shouldn’t be, or doing things she shouldn’t be doing. Unfalteringly sweet, with a care-free spirit, she is simply a girl who enjoys life no matter what the pattern has woven for her and her family. It has become her latest ambition to learn to be a Warder so that she can find her great hero, Akari Miyakawa (who she believes to be on some mission far, far away. Possibly as far away as Caemlyn).

FULL BIOGRAPHY (and family)

The Telerians are a family from Darein with little but pittance to their name. They first came into contact with the White Tower when Keio, the youngest daughter, was given the opportunity to learn her letters under a Sister of the Blue Ajah, Yelendrian Arra’goath, as a trial run before the Blue intended to begin academies. As the lessons, which involved a number of other children, were to take place in Tar Valon, travel was arranged and paid for.

It was then things began to change. The driver of the wagon that came to pick Keio up was Akari Miyakawa. A ta’veren. Keio was smitten from the start.

After the battle that raged through Tar Valon, the Telerians managed to take residence in a small, deserted house. But as the village continued to recuperate, it became necessary for them to move on. Akari came to the rescue, purchasing a cottage in need of repair. Gadril, Keio’s father, was a Thatcher by trade and was honoured to receive the job. The Telerians stayed there for a while, until Akari Miyakawa one day disappeared. Gadril completed the work anyhow, and though they waited as long as they could, Gadril could not on conscience stay in the house without compensating the missing Captain.

Once again things began to grow worse.

With the funds saved from Akari’s generosity, they found new residence in a small house in Tar Valon, but the money soon began to run out. Larissa became pregnant, but lost the child, and for Gadril work was thin. Eventually they were evicted and, in a last desperation, turned to the Tower for work and residence. Lanie Maddragon granted them their request, and at the Tower they have remained.

Gadril: The father of the family. Fairly tall, though not excessively so, with a lean, strong figure. Perhaps middle thirties, and though hardship has taken its toll, looks younger than his actual years. Crow-lines crease his eyes when he smiles and the mischievous glint makes it clear from where Keio gets her own. He feels the burden of what he regards as letting his family down and resents having to turn to the Tower (or anyone) for help, but recognises that they have little choice in the matter. A hard-worker who has struggled for most of his life, his main skills lie within construction, although he is essentially a jack of all trades. He is happy so long as his family is, and has spent the last five years as the Head of the Green Ajah servants. He takes pride in his work and is a favourite in the Ajah Halls for his discretion and easy smile.

Larissa: A fairly young woman, not far into her thirties. Past hardships have given her an older appearance than most – especially in a Tower full of beautiful, ageless women. She appears plain, if she is actually quite pretty. Dark hair, which curls at the ends, is usually tied back in a smart bun. Her eyes are her best feature; a sparkling blue. A rather quiet woman, who tends to be quick about her work (which is the main reason she found herself appointed to the Red Halls). As a mother, and having to help care for her brothers and sisters before that, Larissa is both efficient and practical in all that she does and has a quiet but firm way of dealing with those around her. She has been the head maid of the Red Ajah for the past five years.

Mikel: He has always resented his family’s poverty, if only for the fact that it damages his pride. Despite it all, he is very loyal to his family, if he teases his sister something rotten. Arriving at the Tower at thirteen, he has passed through that tall, gangly and awkward stage of his development, and is now quite the handsome young man. A mop of dark hair curls forever into his bright blue eyes and he is tall and lean, like his father. At first working in the stables (and finding it a huge bore) he is now apprenticed under Steffen the baker and has excelled at the work. He isn’t shy around girls and enjoys any attention he might get. He flirts whenever he gets the chance, but has never overstepped the boundary.

Kentrillo Orander*

Kentrillo is an Asha’man of the Black Tower and warder to Lianora Sedai of the Green Ajah to whom he is married and share two young children. He served on the M’Hael’s Council at the Black Tower, and has a long list of accolades and battles under his belt by virtue of his sheer strength in the One Power. At one point he was accused of being a darkfriend and was gentled by Lythia Sedai as a result, but he was acquitted of those crimes and his ability to channel was restored. He is the adopted brother of Lennox Orander.

Lairona Sedai

Aes Sedai formerly of the Red Ajah. As the only dreamwalker known to the Black Ajah, she assisted the dreadlord general Arikan’s assault on the White Tower by acting as a decoy attack on the forces of the Light. She was bonded by Arikan for this purpose. During the battle, she fought Rikela and Corele Sedai, and was captured and interrogated by them, giving up Arikan’s plan and enabling Corele Sedai to confront him. When she tried to escape Rikela killed her.

Arikan counts her betrayal as one of the major reasons he failed.

Lennox Orander*

Lennox is also an Asha’man of the Black Tower, although he came into his ability to channel much later in life than his adopted brother, Kent. He was already a Blademaster and the warder of Corele Sedai prior to learning how to channel. He was also once accused of being a darkfriend, but he was acquitted of these crimes by the White Tower. Lythia Sedai sat as the Chair of Remorse at his trial.

Leodon Taravin

Lord Leodon Taravin is heir to the High Seat of House Taravin of Andor. He is generally an honorable and serious man, serving the Light, his family, and his country with pride. In his mid 30’s, he has begun to feel the pressure to select a wife and continue the House’s proud lineage. However, he has delayed due to a passionate romance with Nicole Candraed, one of the Queen’s Ladies in Waiting whom he is unaware is really Corele Taravin, his 150 year old distant aunt and former Aes Sedai. He will be the Lord in command of the forces Andor is sending to Shienar to bolster the assault of the Blightborder.

See: Andoran Noble Houses

Lianora Orander*

Aes Sedai and Sitter for the Green Ajah. Half-Seanchan and half-Ebou Dari. Bonded to Tesswyn Gaidar and married to Kentrillo Orander. She is the mother of two small children who are being raised by farmers outside of Tar Valon.

Liridia Sedai

Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, and an adviser in Arad Doman. She is a petite woman, her delicate features unassuming in a pleasant way – agreeable to look at but easy to forget. Brow hair with hints of gold, dresses practically but with a nod to modern fashion. Her warder is called Keren.

Marjolie Sarand

Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah with a Talent for creating and identifying ter’angreal. She is tall and fair, with delicate features and a penchant for lace, beautiful hats, and primly feminine attire. Originally from Caemlyn. Bonded to Auden Thayn. See Marjolie’s profile here for more info.

Matias Winther

High Seat of House Winther in Caemlyn. The Winthers are a large and wealthy House in favour with the Queen, but have recently suffered the scandal of Matias’s arrest. He was soon pardoned, though, and the blame deflected upon the Black Tower, resulting in Jai Kojima’s punishment. Matias is involved in the Kojima Bank fraud.

See: Andoran Noble Houses

Maylis Sedai

Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, and one of Nythadri Vanditera’s mentors. From Ebou Dar, with a fierce hatred of the Seanchan. She is dark-haired with a streak of silver at the temple. A thin white scar curves with the slope of her left cheekbone, bright against her deep olive complexion, but she wears it like a jewel. One of her warders is called Kabryn Asoor.

Modane Reialore

Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah and former Sitter. She is small, petite and blonde. She grew up in Mayene’s Court, a cousin to the First. Her older sister was an Aes Sedai the world believed to have died years before she was born, and yet Modane knew this was not the case, for Rikela began visiting her in dreams. It was what led Modane to the Red Ajah and study of ter’angreal. Years later she was instrumental in Rikela’s release from the object that had trapped her.

Unusually for a Red she is bonded and married to an Asha’man of the Black Tower, something that is contentious among the older Reds. Her sister, Rikela, is of the Blue Ajah, as is Modane’s close friend, Kamion. Another thing that does not fall in her favour.

After the Tower coup, Modane and her warder left the Tower.

Olvas Tar

Warder to Ellomai Sedai of the Green Ajah, who resides as head librarian at the royal library in Caemlyn and advises the Queen. He is stout and grey-haired Borderlander.

Pathor Winther

Youngest son of Matias Winther, currently betrothed to Oshara Vanditera in a scheme to unite their Houses.

See: Andoran Noble Houses

Reloane Sedai

Aes Sedai, Sitter for the Gray Ajah. She was one of the Sisters whom Kekura Sedai called to listen to Asha’man Jai Kojima’s testimony prior to the Hall Meeting that brought about Kaydrienne’s downfall. She’s a bright and inquisitive young Gray, and one of the more recent appointments to the Hall, who retained her seat under Kekura’s rule.

Rosene Sedai (Deceased)

Aes Sedai of the White Ajah, who pledged herself to the Black Ajah upon reading the philosophies of Alinur Sarin Drenai. Tall and blonde, charismatic, but with a haughty expression. She recruited Miraseia Breakwater to the Black Ajah, and the two were close for a number of years. Eventually Rosene was killed.

Tayigi Lion Fish* (Deceased)

An Asha’man, and son of Kekura Sedai. He has a wife, Kaliyani din Hai Sweeping Tide, and two children, Saga and Tao. He’s tall and dark-skinned, with short hair. Stern for the public eye, though quick to celebrate in private. Plays, sings, and dances enough to entertain a Tinker, and waits for the Coramoor’s call with his family, Traveling back and forth from the islands controlled by his wife’s clan, where their watery home now resides, he gathers news and is quick to work where he is needed. Typically barechested and barefoot, black oiled breeches, bright sashes and dons a long, curved dagger. He typically wears a series of gold links around his neck, two, thin gold earrings in each ear one of which bears a polished stone, and the remainder of his black uniform while on mainland, though in warmer climes, leaves the silken coat unbuttoned and open.



20,000 tides; 2 ships and 4 thin earrings ago Ty’s life started on the water and for the first 7 years imagined his course would continue as charted. Until the news broke over the ships of his clan about the maelstorm called from the other side of the sea. New voyagers reaching from the shores so far across the sea even his own people ceased exploring that eternal distance generations out of memory. By this point he was already taken on by the ships of his father, passed from his mother’s barely a year before. His mother visited as often as her station and rank allowed and as is the ways of children, Ty tenderly loved and respected her; and so, upon catching wind of her capture by the seanchan, he mourned, deeply mourned her loss. His father, Aaric True Gale, bid his son farewell soon after, and he would have done the same for his daughter if she did not reside with their mother’s clan, and he left, charting the course to avenge and rescue her. Ty did not expect to see him return, but he kept a keen ear to howls of tide and rumor for news of either.

Several years into apprenticeship, the fleet was effectively docked by the Coramoor, and Ty found himself marooned in Illian. The seanchan naval forces patrolled the Aryth Ocean, trade with the Sharans crashed to a halt, and Ty found himself pacing docks rather than decks. He felt no burning desire to serve the Coramoor, though come the day his ship would be called out from port, and he would be dead before his next sight of land. Atha’an Miere kill their channelers, rightfully so, those who will not agree to submit themselves to the ocean of their own accord. Their race struggled to fight the drowning world in the Breaking, the very oceans upheaved and mountains tore down by men who could channel, driven insane by the taint. Men like himself.

So he took the escape, the Coramoor’s amnesty, and fled, shamefully knowing what he was. He had a wife and child waiting, but he felt the burden on their minds would be lessened if he disappeared, more so than knowing he lept from the rails of his own free will in suicide. He would eventually return to them some years later, understanding the threat of insanity was lifted, knowing he was safe to love and care for his family. They had waited for him, that they had made his heart soar. His own daughter, Saga, grown from an infant into a beautiful, lively child. His boy, Tao, already adopted by the clan to train. And his dear wife. Sweet, fierce wife. Kaliyani din Hai Sweeping Tide. She never faltered, never ceased believing in his return from the black seas. Upon their long awaited reunion, he begged her forgiveness, and what broke his heart the most, was her steadfast reply – that there was nothing to forgive.

Ty, the sailor, the asha’man, has some height to him for the people of the sea. 6 tall feet. Short hair. Skin far darker than any Ebou Dari, his the color of darkly rich wood. Strong enough to fight the rough waters and control a ship cutting through the very waves. Stern for the public eye, though quick to celebrate in private. Plays, sings, and dances enough to entertain a Tinker, and waits for the Coramoor’s call with his family, Traveling back and forth from the islands controlled by his wife’s clan, where their watery home now resides, he gathers news and is quick to work where he is needed. Typically barechested and barefoot, black oiled breeches, bright sashes and dons a long, curved dagger. He typically wears a series of gold links around his neck, two, thin gold earrings in each ear one of which bears a polished stone, and the remainder of his black uniform while on mainland, though in warmer climes, leaves the silken coat unbuttoned and open.

Dagger-knowledge with enough to duel a mainlander and most of the time come out ahead, with no aversion for using fists and feet in such a fight. No extraordinary feats of channeling, except to Travel. Fiercely loyal, protective of his family and passionately serves the Light.

Xavier Armendariz

Vladamir Gaidin‘s older brother, Lord of Fal Sion, husband of Graciela.


Head servant at the Royal Palace of Bandar Eban. Daryen’s Eyes and Ears. Retired Aes Sedai, formerly of the Brown Ajah. The ability to channel is hidden in her. Tall and willowy Domani, with grey hair habitually kept in a bun at the back of her head.



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