Lythia Krean

Aes Sedai & Captain-General of the Green Ajah

Life in the 3rd Age

As a Wilder, Lythia’s abilities manifested themselves deep within the mines of the Mountains of Mist. There also her Talent began to emerge: Earthsinging.

Her love for mankind stemmed from being raised by a widower father, despite such a life among the harsh mining camps that was his profession. She was orphaned at 7 and without family that she might be sent away, she was turned into a child slave in the mines, (controlled by a private company and not directly under Andor’s control). In the off season, she was little better than homeless and kicked around in Baerlon, dreading the spring when it was time to go back to the mines. She hated how she was treated by the miners yet year-after-year was drawn back by the promise of food and shelter. Eventually, she came to her days as a Wilder when her love of Earth made her most comfortable underground.  The first sort of guidance she ever had was an Aiel-half brother, Syn-Jyn Quick Kick of the Reyn Sept, who showed up one winter and taught her how to defend herself, hence making street life a little easier to bear. 

Stubborn and headstrong she had to be taught a lesson from the Amyrlin herself on how to be humble and docile enough to be called to the Arches.  When introduced to the aspect of male channeling as a novice, she feared the implications but soon welcomed it.  After a few “experiments” with one particularly confident trainee named Kentrillo (Kent), she realized the full potential of linking saidar with saidin. They were friends throughout their youth, but another fell in love with him. She rushed through acceptedhood and was raised to the Shawl at 19, though stubbornly continued to break tower custom (and law) all along the way. 

That whole time, she always looked upon Kent with a fondness that perhaps if she hadn’t met someone else might have blossomed into something more. Meanwhile, Lythia’s devotion was pledged to Asha’man Shadow al’Mere, a man who would eventually wear the mantle of M’Hael. She lived primarily at the Black Tower, pushing the asha’man and teaching them how to be the best soldiers they could be by making them work with saidar in addition to saidin.  Both her bondmate and half-brother died within a week of each other but she only dug her heels in deeper in the earth and came out of it stronger, better, faster, darker, and detached. To this day, Shadow is still considered the most competent of all the M’Haels to ever lead the Black Tower.

It was a dark time for Lythia, whose devotion was more fully aligned with the Green Ajah over the White Tower. Such was how she came into the position of Captain-General, as she prided herself on deeds done along the Blight Border in the company of Brothers more often than Sisters. The politicking was a necessary evil, however. In a relatively short time, the Sitters followed her lead unquestioningly. She is the unrefuted expert of male channeling among the Aes Sedai.

She eventually came to bonding young Lord Blakeahle Darwyn of the Houses of Andor. The story was fortituious. The night Tar Valon was attacked by the Dreadlord Arikan’s forces, Blakeahle was only a student in training with the warders. Everyone was deployed in defense of the city, however, and Blakeahle was wounded while defending her. She opted to bond him to save his life in return, and their relationship matured over the following years. For a man with a serious claim to bid for the throne of Andor as their first king in centuries, he was shuffled off to the White Tower for training with warders in honor of the traditions of the Daughter-Heir and novices, and that he actually ended up bonded to an Aes Sedai was something of political controversy.

The handsome and charming Lord was a friend, protector and companion to Lythia, but she would never love him like she loved before. Likewise, young Kentrillo grew into a powerful and deadly Asha’man. When his allegiance went rogue, she callously hunted down her long-time friend, captured him on the field of battle and gentled him on the spot for his crimes against the Black Tower. This deed, while powerful, was not something that went over well in either Tower. He was eventually tried, ruled innocent, and his ability to channel restored through Healing. Not unexpectedly, their friendship was never the same.

In one of her last acts as Captain-General, she broke tower law (again) after capturing a Dreadlord of rather mighty renown. Arikan was older than Taim by a century and worked in the shadows springing wars in Tear, masquerading as a Lord Captain of the Children of the Light, infiltrating the Black Tower, and eventually coming to serve Demandred upon his resurgence to the world. The very same dreadlord whose forces attacked Tar Valon all those years before. His capture would likely seal her path to becoming Amyrlin Seat someday, but Lythia opted to hide him away for herself. Torture was absolutely forbidden by the White Tower, and he hoarded so much information about the Shadow, she could not bear its loss through his inevitable execution.

She recruited Byron Calanail to impersonate a Hand of the Light and torture him for information. Byron was a Dagger of the Tower. Sent on covert missions that the Tower could not afford to be involved in, he maintained a series of alternate identities. The primary one being Byron Gaidin, a goofy, unbonded warder that played practical jokes and lazed around the Tower. It was only after Lythia slept with him that she came to understand there was more than met the eye. Byron had not been sent on a mission for a great deal of time given that the last person who knew how to deploy the dagger was Corele Sedai, the previous Keeper of the Chronicles, who was since burnt out. Growing restless, he was eager for a mission and agreed to participate at Lythia’s behest. Unfortunately, the torture worked far too well. The extracted information led them to a powerful weapon of the shadow. Unfortunately, when she used it herself, she was turned to it. Arikan lied about the ter’angreal’s true function: turning a channeler against their will. Ironically, it was Arikan that orchestrated the assassination of her bondmate, Shadow al’Mere, though she does not know it.

Thus was how Lythia became a darkfriend. Arikan eventually escaped. Byron moved on to the next mission. Her warder, still a servant of the Light, attempts to bring her back somehow but fears she will kill him to protect her secret. Kent discovered her deeds and now chases her as she once tracked him.

She is currently focused on stripping the Amyrlin Seat, Kaydrienne Lindelle, to whom she was always loyal previously, and replacing her with an Amyrlin of wartime. Kekura Sedai was the perfect candidate.

Of course, when she and Kekura’s plan was enacted, the Amyrlin stilled and deposed, Akari would probably die. Most warders did when their bondmate was stripped of power. She would be a threat as long as she lived, seeking revenge or otherwise work against those who overthrew Kaydrienne.

Poor thing.

So Lythia was willing to watch Akari do battle one final time. Just to remember the warderess in all her glory.

The Gilded Gleeman

Earthsinging, Traveling, Delving (earth)

Strength in the One Power equivalent to Elayne


1st Age: Lawrence Monday



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