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Lawrence Monday is an investigative journalist for the fringe news source, MondayMargin.net

Monday attended American University School of Journalism. Her first job was for a community events source in Washington, DC, but within a year, she was landing coveted news stories covering the White House. Following the 2040 Presidential election, Monday suddenly left DC in lieu of an online career for Vulpes Net. She left the carrier less than a year later to embark on her own brand of news. 

Born in 2015, Monday is a native of Chicago. Her favorite food is deep dish pizza and she has a pet goldfish named Amber.


Everyone has a story, it’s my job to tell it.

As a little girl she was accused of tattling, having a big mouth, and being too bossy. True, she did have a big voice, but while Lawrence was outspoken, she was also a champion of causes. She took care of other kids too shy to take care of themselves, but she took a sort of justice-delivered-thrill in bullying the bullies. It made her feel like a superhero shield from a movie. It was that same fulfillment that led her to journalism to start with.

She was popular in high school. Her larger than life smile cheered for the football team and her dynamic personality made it hard to dislike her. She still stuck up for others, even those outside their clique. But Lawrence didn’t care. She did what she wanted and never let opinions hold sway over her. She wasn’t entirely noble, however. There was a fearless, wild streak in her that couldn’t turn down a dare, allow curfews to hedge her social life, or let reality shake her dreams. 

Chicago was a city of disreputable past. Even in the 2030’s, People still told stories of the golden era of power, mystery, and crime otherwise known as the decades of the mob. Their descendants still ran things: drugs and porn mostly. But they were sad shadows of their former, fascinating selves. Lawrence dreamed of a film noir kind of life, and Chicago only gave her a taste of it. Washington, DC was her calling. 

Her first semester at American University took place during the tense 2036 Presidential Election. The country was rife with misinformation and the campus buzzed with gossip. More importantly, she saw the potential for telling the real story for the first time in her life. She knew then and there, that mainstream media was not in her future. She wanted to tell the stories off the visible edge; those lingering in the margins that nobody else knew unless they were directly involved.

DC was the big leagues, and Lawrence knew exactly what she wanted. The problem was execution. She drooled over opportunities to make a name for herself, but in their world, street-cred was everything. They said she had to earn her chance, but she wasn’t satisfied; her first job was lame, but it paid the bills and kept her close to the Hill. 

She soon got her wish. 

She’d graduated college only a few months before, and while the leaves were turning in autumn, the political climate was near boiling point in the district. In a coincidental turn of events, she met the unspoken leader of the democratic party, Congressman Perry Caldera. She recognized him, of course, the handsome, curly haired Senator from Pennsylvania. She also recognized a second Senator, Luna Castro’s car dropping him off on the side of the road. Interesting, given that the former was the Senate Majority Leader and latter the most recent Vice-President. 

Lawrence, fresh from a boring work party, hid in the shadows, shocked out of her mind to discover the scandalous affair between the republican (married) Senator and her (also married) political rival. Oh how the tides had turned. Lawrence had the goods for blackmail on her hands, but as she also valued her life, she decided to not use it but only in desperate need. A few anonymous contacts later, and she was gladly exchanging damning evidence for the chance to field a few, inconspicuous-seeming stories for the democratic party. Her community event reports highlighted individuals in the wrong place at the wrong time, PAC contributors attempting to fly under the radar, and company executives engaging nontraditional “charities”. She laid the strings and the kittens gave chase, but they were all a means to an end. Once she had the cred to cover the White House, her strategies took on a whole new target. Soon, her ally in the Senate became her enemy, and naively, she underestimated his vengeance.

Given the stakes she’d been manipulating during the campaign, she wasn’t surprised when strange things started happening, but they still frightened her. Her email account freaked out. Her home computer was hacked and wiped. Her Wallet short-circuited. A few too many unwelcome faces showed up on the subway, her coffee shop, her mailbox. Lawrence grew desperate. She used the blackmail she should have destroyed six months before, panicked. Rather than turning the two Senators against each other, they came for her head. She gambled and they called her bluff. She fled DC with only one suitcase of her belongings. A short time later, she took a position at Vulpes Net, but when her baggage revealed itself, she was asked to leave on less than friendly terms. 

Feeling the US was too uncertain, she turned to the wider world stage. The president was dead and Senators Castro and Caldera lost re-election. Dawson seemed to have a cool head on his shoulders, but the DC landscape was shifting. Lawrence was ready to build her own brand for the rest of the world, and she set out to make her mark abroad.


Lawrence (Laurie) is an old soul. As a channeler, her soul shifts from Wilder to Learner. Her surname, Monday, is a derivative of Mundi, from the Old Norse Mundr, meaning protector. Fitting, when given the opportunity, she always chooses the Green Ajah.

The 3rd Age: Lythia Krean, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah



Chaotic good



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