Gaidar of the White Tower

“So long as an Aes Sedai does not want me, I belong to the Tower. I can be used without fear of repercussions should I die.”

Trista, A Winter Night’s Dream


Trista is a persona stooped in mystery. She is originally from the Altaran coast.

Few know that Trista was born a wilder. She and her older brother were abducted by Meire, an Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, whose work for the Dark involved stemming the flow of channelers entering the Towers. Trista was tortured, ultimately resulting in her burning out. She escaped with the help of a novice the Aes Sedai had stolen from the Tower. The Aes Sedai herself escape, and has not been seen since.

It was this loss that drew Trista to the warder training programme at the White Tower, and the focus of that training proved to be the motivation that has kept her alive. Her loyalty to the White Tower is absolute.

Trista is beautiful, but disturbingly lifeless. She has sleek black hair and wine-coloured eyes that behold little beyond the empty void.

The Seanchan Gift

He felt the effect of Trista’s presence ripple through the crowd like the vibrations of a distant but fast approaching cavalry.[…]Tendrils of gold curled up from the hems in imitation of smoke, matching the gold accents of Daryen’s outfit as clearly as if it marked her as his.[…]They whispered. Who was she? A lover? A protector? Both? But the fetal rumors fell silent as he took his place on the dais of honor.

Daryen, The Hunt

How Trista came to be involved in the machinations of Arad Doman and its Asha’man king is unknown. One can only assume that the White Tower sanctioned her presence. During the hunt’s festivities, she fought and crushed Dilek, the Voice of the High Lord Sivrikawa. After months of negotiations, she was offered as a gift to seal the peace between the Seanchan and the Domani.

She was dressed in the red silky gown that he first saw her wear at the celebration during the Hunt. A red so dark that it was almost black. Gold chased up the sleeves like smoke. It brought the darkness of her aura to life much like a smoldering fire. Beguilingly innocent, dangerous to the touch.

Trista held her head low, hair fallen around her shoulders. It was known she was a Gaidar of the Tower. Daryen had introduced her as such the night of her emergence to Domani society.[…]

“High Lord Sivrikawa, I know you admire the Gaidar. She is an extraordinary design, and it is with admiration for our treaty that I grant her to your company. She is yours.” A gentle nudge on Trista’s back and she glided across the stage as effortlessly as any Aes Sedai. Her rapier was even belted at her waist. She didn’t even seem to care about her destiny.

In return, a chest was carried to the stage. It was heavy just to look at it, but if it was filled with what Jai imagined it to contain, such explained why it took four strong soldiers to lift it up the stairs.


Then that was it. The treaty was signed and the gifts exchanged. The trunk was carried away by flows of Air straight from Daryen. Trista glanced into the crowd briefly before falling into the shadow of her new master. What, or who, she looked at was lost to Jai. But he had the feeling that it must have been her last glimpse of freedom. He had no idea what became of her after that.

Jai, The Gift & the Pledge


While in Bandar Eban, she was bonded by Asha’man Araya. The details and reasons for this are yet unclear.

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