Red Ajah

The Red Ajah was, for more than two thousand years, dedicated to preventing the wrong and dangerous use of the One Power. In particular Red Sisters dedicated themselves to locating men with the ability to channel saidin and bringing them to the White Tower for gentling. They were also dedicated to finding girls with the Spark or ability to channel, and bringing them to the Tower for training.

After saidin’s cleansing, the Red Ajah were directed to the care and management of ter’angreal and other Objects of Power. This change was greeted with mixed response among its Sisters.

Red sisters generally do not have friends outside of their Ajah, and upon donning the shawl are often forced to end any friendship with women not also of the Red. Until recent times they bond no Warders, and have been at odds with the Blue Ajah for a millennium.

The leader of the Red Ajah is known as the Highest. Prior to her raising to Amyrlin Seat, this position was filled by Kekura Sedai.

Recent Events


The Sitters


A long-time ally to Kekura, she aided the coup by delivering the message that Jai Kojima was in the Tower, leading to the evidence required to depose the former Amyrlin. She is a haughty, strict, and quiet woman, and continues to be a strong proponent of Kekura’s policies. Some thought Haneyth would be raised to Keeper, however this does not appear to be the case.


Newly appointed to the Hall following the coup that deposed Kaydrienne. Enaida is relatively young, having only known the Ajah since its change in purpose (though she has still been Aes Sedai for more than twenty years). She is gifted in the art of making ter’angreal. Her policies are fair, and she is considered a “new” brand of Red.


Newly appointed to the Hall following the coup, she has been Aes Sedai for many years. Until saidin’s cleansing she performed her duties with harsh dedication. She’s old school and avidly distrustful of men, and believes more restrictions must be placed on the Black Tower, for she does not consider the Asha’man equals but an unfortunate weapon that must be used to win the Last Battle. She’s loyal to Kekura.

The Sisters

  • Modane Reialore; defected from the Tower with her Sister, Rikela, and her Asha’man warder Drekar.
  • Nyomi al’Morrin; former Sitter, missing, presumed dead
  • Alahnee Vanderthee;
  • Devika Sirideán; currently in Tear with the Dragon Reborn
  • Marjolie; currently cataloguing ter’angreal on the Amayan island of Masau’u
  • Saralla;
  • Nyssa;
  • Lairona; Black Ajah who led the assault on the Tower via the dream. Killed by Rikela


  • Auden (Marjolie; not common knowledge)
  • Drekar (Modane)


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