Blue Ajah

The Blue Ajah normally involve themselves with righteous causes and justice. They have the most extensive eyes-and-ears network of all the Ajahs, and enjoy the prestige of having the highest number of Amyrlin Seats raised from their Ajah.

The Blue has been at odds with the Red Ajah for a millennium. The head of the Blue Ajah is called the First Selector.

Recent Events

The Blues were excluded from the Hall during the meeting that deposed Kaydrienne Lindelle, a former Blue, from the Amyrlin Seat. The Keeper, Adrasteia, was also formerly of the Blue Ajah. Both were executed.

In the aftermath, the staunchly loyal Blue Sister Rikela Sedai stepped down from her own Seat in the Hall, and has since disappeared from the Tower altogether. Her fellow Sitters, Yelendrian and Rhiann, followed Rikela’s lead, and an entirely new selection replaced them in the Hall.

A number of Blues also left the Tower in Rikela’s wake, among them some few members of other Ajahs, including Rikela’s sister in the Red Ajah, Modane. Their intentions are as yet unknown.

The Sitters




The Sisters


  • Karina;
  • Brynn; former Mistress of Novices
  • Korynne Loveden;
  • Sooriya; former assistant Mistress of Novices


  • Rikela Reialore; former Sitter, instigator of the rebellion
  • Yelendrian Arra’goath; former Mistress of Novices, former Sitter, allied with Rikela
  • Rhiann, former Sitter, allied with Rikela
  • Kamion Drendai, grew up with Modane, advisor to the Queen of Andor, allied with Rikela

The Warders

  • Jaquar (Karina)
  • Danyella (Rhiann)

Previous members of the Ajah

  • Kaydrienne Lindelle, raised Blue, former Amyrlin (deceased)
  • Corele Taravin, raised Blue, former Keeper (believed deceased)
  • Adrasteia Sedai, raised Blue, former Keeper after Corele (deceased)


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