Vladamir Gaidin, Captain of Fal Sion and Warder of the Tower

Suravye Ninto Manshima Taishite

Vladamir is the second son of the Lord of Fal Sion, a Fortress Keep in Shienar’s blight border. When he was 16 years old, their keep was attacked by a raid of trollocs. That same day, the sister of the king arrived in the company of the king’s nephew and niece and their only child, a 14 year-old daughter named Lady Graciela Togita. Little to Vladamir’s knowledge, she was to be betrothed to one of the brothers, whichever of the two she seemed to be suited to best as judged by her family upon their meeting.

During an evening meal in which the noble family, Lords Armendariz, and officers of the Keep all attended, an engagement was to be announced between her. Before it could be made public, the alarms were sounded and all rushed to the walls for battle. A Sister of the Green Ajah had luckily accompanied the royal family. Her efforts saved the Keep and she was honored the following day. When Lord Vladamir presented himself in gratitude, she offered a Foretelling. That if he went to the Tower and trained to be a warder, he would save the life of a Sister who would go on to save the lives of thousands. It was his decision, but thousands of lives were on his hands if he did not go.

He was sent south before sunset, never knowing of what would have been if not for the foretelling. Lady Graciela wed his older brother after she came of age. They went on to have two children, Misaki, a girl, whose name means Blossom in the Old Tongue, and Kenta, a boy, whose name means Strong in the Old Tongue.

He was bonded to a fierce and formal wolf-sister of the Green Ajah, Caia’li Sedai. Their relationship was one of close friendship but always remained professional and formal.

He was honored beyond belief to be considered worthy of serving a Green sister. When she was appointed a Sitter of the Ajah, though, he found himself anchored to the southern city, far from the cry of battle that his pride said he needed to attend. Resentment in himself grew, but he suppressed the growing doubt recalling the original foretelling and never shared his feelings with another soul.

It is still unknown if Caia’li is the Sister featured in the prophecy, but he has to believe she is, and he remains loyal to this day.

Caia’li was attracted to Vladamir as a bandmate and friend because of his fledgling ability to enter the world of dreams. There they met and became friends, as she was a wolf-sister who prowled the wolf-dream. She taught him some of its ways (and dangers), but it was a man named Edwin Natin that really showed him the ways of the world. Edwin was the dreadlord Arikan in disguise, manipulating and subtly compelling Vladamir into doing his bidding in the waking world.

Only when Caia’li finally sensed the growing difference in her warder, did she have his mind delved for contamination.



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