Basic Stats

Age: 29
Origin: Japan
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 6’0”’
Weight: 180lbs
Gender: Cis-male
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Yakuza
Talent: Dreamer
Alignment: Lawful good
Loyalty: Yakuza
Played by: Jaxen

“You may know what I am, but you do not know who I am,”

Kiyohito, Meeting of Families


The king of brooding. Kiyohito has a soul that internalizes trauma, processes it and buries it far from the surface. If he was disturbed in the years following a tragic tsunami that killed his parents and little brother, it does not show. His capacity for introversion and introspection is profound, but primarily self-preserving. He carefully considers the significance of his actions. As a result, his personality is very cool and collected. His patience is entwined with wisdom, and he can set aside pride for a time in service for a greater cause. But he is ultimately extremely proud. He will not tolerate insults, but given the circumstance can choose to simply walk away. He can also choose confrontation.

He’s taller than his contemporaries. Lean and wiry. He wears his hair slicked back from his forehead, held there with product. He typically wears business suits, plain ones with solid colored button-downs open at the neck, and a simple silver necklace and matching ring.

He has the power of a Dreamer, and beset with prophetic dreams since childhood. He is unaware of their significance, but suspects they have deeper meaning.


Previously, the full-bodied traditional styles led to horrific liver disease in the older members, as well as marking a man as a criminal, but following the Custody legalization of Yakuza membership, tattoos came back into popularity. Kiyohito has a full sleeve that spans his shoulder, chest and back. The other arm is so far untouched. The design is heavy with lotus flowers set against a swirling artistry of charcoal smoke.

Birth family

His birth family were fishers on a coastal city about two hours beyond the edge of Tokyo. His father worked on a fishing boat. Together, he helped his father haul in the daily catch to market in the hours before school. He helped pack the fish on ice and often watched over the stand while his father haggled deals or returned to the docks. Kiyohito’s favorite part was dissecting the meat to offer samples to passers. His knife skills were remarkable for a ten-year-old, and he dreamed of being a chef in the city someday.

Ayo – a brother 2 years his younger. He was killed in the flood from a tsunami that hit the town.

Adopted family

The day before the tsunami, he served a passing group of Yakuza visiting the market. They clearly had business to handle, but when Kiyo offered the lieutenant a sample of fish, the older man remembered the deftness of his filet skills. Weeks later, when their group oversaw distribution of local humanitarian aid, he came upon the orphaned Kiyohito and remembering him, adopted him for his own.


Haruto – Another orphan boy about three years younger than Kiyohito who was adopted the same day as Kiyo by their new father. He reminds Kiyo so strongly of Ayo, Kiyo has vowed to protect the little brother he once failed. Haruto channeled in self-defense one night while on a job. He inadvertently activated a bomb that destroyed a city building. He survived to run away from the scene, and his power protected Kiyohito from the blast as well, but all others in the radius perished. Kiyo has not seen Haruto since then.

  • Oyabun – The patriarch boss of a yakuza family. The absolute leader.
  • Gashira – A yakuza member ranking beneath the oyabun and responsible for seeing that his orders are carried out correctly.
  • Kobun – The child-like underling that serves the Oyabun.
  • Kyodai – big brothers in the Yakuza family
  • Shatei – little brothers in the Yakuza family
  • Edenokōji – the Yakuza family that rules Moscow and surrounding territories


The Korii-kai is the strongest yakuza family in Tokyo. Their territory controls all of the city and surrounding districts and membership exceeds numbers that rival the days of peak organized crime in the 20th century.

Kiyohito is a Yakuza who wants to move up, but he has a lot of conflicts inside. He has resisted fully embracing the life, being unwilling to kill in cold blood for instance. He can and will defend those he has swore to serve, but the heat of moment is a farther line than an execution. He currently works as a mid-level enforcer. Prior to coming to Moscow, he collected payments from businesses that owed Korii-kai their monthly debts. He also stamped down trouble when it bubbled up or was a protector overseeing the family’s interests at deals. While he works to prove himself, at the same time, he wants out but knows he can never be out. Nor does not want to abandon the family that gave him the life he has. His loyalty to his adopted father and oyabun runs deeper than blood.

Reincarnations of a heroic soul

His soul is a Hero of the Horn

1st Age – Korii-Kiyohito

3rd Age – Vladamir Gaidin

5th Age – Arjuna of the Mahabharata

7th Age – Beowulf of Geatland



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