The Edenokōji-gumi established themselves in 2040 in Moscow and slowly collected Tokyo expats into their organization. By 2045 they had approximately 500 members in the society and are growing steadily to their present number of approximately 800. Since there are a limited number of Japanese in Moscow, they recruit heavily. Membership comes with more perks and more power than similar organizations in D-IV proper. Experience and loyalty are heavily rewarded monetarily, for instance. Furthermore, some of the traditional notions of honor and loyalty to the affiliation are waived. There is no seppuku for shameful failure – you’ll just be assassinated and your body dumped in the river.

It is rumored by Edenokōji-gumi propaganda that the current leader of the Edenokōji recommended Takeo Onoda to be selected as Privilege of D-IV. These claims are unsubstantiated, but Yuta Hayashi and Takeo have been sighted together in prominent social circles. Yuta is particularly fond of Manifesto, and it is his business acumen that recognized a gap in the club scene in Moscow that catered specifically to foreigners.

Where skin and favors could be purchased by the highest bidder across the red light district, and bloody violence could be found in the underground clubs, he realized that attention and companionship was lacking. The Japanese Host and Hostess clubs were conceptualized while reminiscing with Takeo in Manifesto’s Block 1 about the good old days. Following dinner with another one of his associates, a Russian oligarch named Petrovich who worked in the vodka distribution industry, they dreamed up an additional entertainment draw to the establishments inspired by the puroresu arenas in Japan. Channelers were in hot demand as well, and they were recently contacted by another organization to discuss the terms of how exactly to staff these clubs with hosts never before seen in the city.

Yuta Hayashi

At 54 years old, Yuta is a second generation Yakuza. His father was assassinated by rival Yakuza back in Tokyo when he was only 20. He assimilated into the organization after that, but justice was never realized for another twenty years. He has been in Moscow for almost a decade building his own empire that has only recently gained enough traction to sit at the table with the big players the last 2-3 years.

Edenokōji-gumi House



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