Moscow’s top club.

Manifesto incorporates relentless sound, color, and motion. Psychedelic visions splash across screens and illuminate vodka bars. The floor grows so crowded people can only dance in place, something six-foot models in six-inch heels still manage gracefully. Amid clouds of smoke, strobe lights, and the deafening beat of house music, the new lords of oil, nickel, and natural gas swarm on Manifesto with women as mute and beautiful as cheetahs on a leash. Not in the mood? Retire to Block 1 or Block 2. Here a man can sip Johnnie Walker Blue, light a Cuban cigar, sip a brandy, unwind, and make more money.

Main club and theme

Manifesto is located in a massive bunker-size club space inspired by the various powers of the 20th century. The dance floor is a lavish spectacle, a two-story room under vibrant red-mirrored ceilings with a DJ pulpit. Intimate circular seating areas are cramped with those suffering from electronic dance fatigue.

Block 1 Lounge

The space is otherwise divided between the main club venue, known as Manifesto, and two smaller lounges known as Block 1 and Block 2. The décor of Block 1 is an ethereal setting of mystic porn that includes circular canals, iron studded walls, and black and gold posh bars, chandeliers, and marble.

Block 2 Lounge

A tall, narrow passageway forces people to funnel close together leads to Block 2. This is a geometric space decorated in blue and orange, splashed with dramatic lighting, and grounded by cement floors. Hand-picked dancers or contortionists perform silently in creepily preserved torture cells suspended above, out of reach of those below.


In this cacophony a millionaire could expand and relax. For one thing, no guns are allowed inside. The club has a 40-person security force, and any customer who felt in dire need of protection is assigned a personal bodyguard. A bomb dog sniffs the chairs, and security briefings alert the staff about special needs, such as certain guests who do not want to be photographed drinking champagne with scantily clad models.

Manifesto provides the rich the chance to “flaunt it, baby, flaunt it,” while assured that “face control” will stop undesirables at the door. Face control is executed by employees who in a glance can determine your financial profile and celebrity status. And whether you are carrying a gun.



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