At 25 years old, Haruto has lived a life of next to no personal freedom. He was orphaned young and adopted by the man who would become the future leader of Korii-kai, the Tokyo-based Yakuza organization that raised him. In the shadow of his new family, he was expected to be a carbon copy of his older brother, an older boy named Kiyohito who was also adopted from the same tragic beginnings. Haruto was wild and independent, though. He disliked the structure of rules imposed by the Yakuza and rebelled as often as he could get away with it yet he was never outright disobedient. His ability to channel saved himself and his brother’s lives, but there were unintended effects. He fled Tokyo out of fear of knowing the repercussions, secure that his brother would be shielded by their adopted father. In Moscow he has become something of an independent agent who floats jobs among the various criminal organizations.

Recently, he has been taken under the protections of Zixin Kao and the Syndicate.



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