Zixin Kao

The Kao clan runs the Singapore Syndicate, which has expanded its holdings to Moscow in alliance with the Japanese Yakuza. Across all of Southeast Asia, the Syndicate runs gambling circuits, casinos, clubs, drug and human trafficking.

Zixin Kao is grandson and second heir of the Syndicate’s patriarch. He was raised in Malaysia, but well-traveled throughout all of Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. He attended university in Mumbai, and it was there he met and befriended Jaxen Marveet. He taught Jaxen much of what he knows about the criminal underworld.


There is no denying that Zixin is a very handsome man. With his chiseled features and piercing eyes, it is easy to see why he is considered one of the most attractive men in Singapore. However, what makes Zixin so handsome is not just his physical appearance, but also his mysterious personality and arrogant demeanor. He can be seen posing for pictures along with his celebrity-status little sister, which only highlights his killer glances and impeccable style. 

He has a tattoo in Latin that spans the breadth of his chest. It reads “Acta non verba” (Deeds, not words).


Zixin is largely amoral. The only realm in which the darkness parts is when it concerns his family. To them, he is loyal as a demon to its own kind, but his ruthlessness plays by the rules. He isn’t a homicidal maniac. He’s a criminal, and a damn good one and thinks of himself as a sophisticated one. Something better than the petty thief or bloodthirsty murderer. He is great, and he enjoys the recognition particularly from the denizens of the underworld.


As a Kao, he is highly connected to the criminal underworld. He knows martial arts, having studied the tradition since childhood. His mind is too wild to master it though. He prefers the easy kill of a gun to the head, but when stealth and quiet is required, will resort to the knife, but if given the choice, prefers to give the orders. Less messy that way.


Zixin is a soul spun out by the wheel frequently. He is an agent of evil balancing the Pattern with darker threads. If there was an evil dark equivalent of the Heroes of the Horn, he would be one. Instead, he is often spun out opposite a great hero and usually perishes at their hand. As a soul, he is strongly inclined toward evil, and his legends are usually retold as the deeds of some sort of serpent, dragon or demon.

2nd Age – He would have been a contributor to the Collapse, the hundred years prior to the War of Shadow broke when society became sick and twisted. He ran the gladiatorial rings that saw people fight to the death, usually profiting off the money earned. If he survives long enough, he would have joined the Shadow in the war.

3rd Age – A darkfriend loyal to the Dreadlord Arikan who survives the persecution of Arikan’s followers after the defeat at Tar Valon.

4th Age – This would be the rebirth in which he is at his most powerful. A channeler serving the Emperor of Seanchan, his name goes down in legend as a demon that inspires future Hebrew mythologies of the following Ages. He was depicted with a lion’s head and a serpentine body with eagle wings.

5th Age –  Aži Dahāka (Persian), depicted as a three-headed dragon with a body filled with lizards and snakes that could infect the world when released, and wings that can darken the skies when fully spread. He was a servant of Ahriman, the father of lies and personification of evil in Persian mythology.

6th AgeJörmungandr, the Norse World Serpent. He spends most of his life circling and terrorising other societies around the world, giving rise to many legends of monsters and the heroes responsible for their defeat, before ultimately returning to Asgard and fulfilling his role at Ragnarök.

7th Age – Beowulf’s Bane (Germanic). He is the final enemy of the hero, Beowulf and described as a nocturnal, treasure-hoarding, inquisitive, vengeful, fire-breathing creature that mortally wounds Beowulf just before being slain himself.



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