Brown Ajah

The Brown Ajah is devoted to knowledge and the collection of ancient wisdom. They generally forsake the mundane world, instead dedicating themselves to history and study, and are responsible for the administration of the White Tower Library. The Brown Ajah is run by a ruling council, the head of which is called First Chair.

Until her death, the First Chair was Fate Sedai.

Recent Events

The Browns supported the coup against Kaydrienne, believing their Sitter Fate Zarine Dark would be given amnesty upon swearing her new allegiances on the Oath Rod. Unknown to them, or the Tower at large, this had recently been stolen away by Talin Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. At the time of the meeting it was believed Kaydrienne had simply hidden it. As a result, Fate was executed, and the Browns lost a prominent and much loved member of their Ajah. It has sent a great schism through them, some even leaving the Tower to join those Blues who fled.

Brown Sisters have advised the throne of Arad Doman for years, its King Daryen Daimon being Fate’s twin brother. Most recently this was an appointment held by Liridia Sedai.

Yui, Head Servant at the Royal Palace in Bandar Eban, was also formerly a Sister of the Brown Ajah.

The Sitters


Expert on Seanchan history and culture, and has spent the last few weeks collating damning evidence detailing the number of Sisters captured and retained by the Seanchan. This was used against Kaydrienne in the Hall Meeting.


Fate’s replacement in the Hall


The Council

The Sisters

  • Malaika; fomer damane who feels compelled to support the war, despite great fears and reservations. She is currently under the influence of the darkfriend Gleeman Zahir
  • Ellande; small Cairhienin Sister, seldom seen
  • Eithne; former member of the Tuatha’an, and deeply disturbed by the coup and subsequent threat of war
  • Liridia; advisor in Arad Doman, who has spent months overseeing the negotiations. When news of Fate’s execution broke, she went immediately back to the palace in Bandar Eban; before orders could be issued forbidding it.
  • Razamira; returned to the Borderlands
  • Adira; a young and enthusiastic Brown, usually found deep in study
  • Genevieve; a boisterous and lively former Sitter who has been exploring the idea of retirement

The Warders

  • Anura (Eithne)
  • Keren (Liridia)


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