“We cannot choose how we are born, only who we become.”

Kaydrienne Lindelle

• I D E N T I T Y •

S H E A: Born among the Seanchan, Malaika spent many years leashed as a battle damane called Shea, before the Wheel wove her path to the White Tower. A neglectful sul’dam and a treacherous journey across the eastern ocean led her to Tear, where she found herself uncollared for the first time in years. She does not speak of the details of her escape, but the fear and guilt of her actions has long since been accepted. She eventually found herself escorted to the Tower and after a rough start settled into her new life quickly, if her mental scars took much longer to heal. Long years of soul searching marked her novice years and, she battled against procuring an identity for herself .

K O H A N A: Aided by Broekk Sedai of the White Ajah, she eventually stabilised and began to grow and accept herself as a person rather than as property, and at Broekk’s behest renamed herself as Kohana. For her remaining novice years she fought to truly identify herself as Kohana. The renaming was important, for she felt it helped to disassociate herself with what she once was, and yet it only really ever remained a veneer.

M A L A I K A: The Arches revealed her birth name and some of her previously unremembered history. While she was keen to reject much of her past, she accepted this as her true name, and from this point was known as Malaika. As an Accepted, she was a quiet but diligent student, remaining without an Ajah aspiration for a good number of years before she finally found her calling. Many years followed her first tentative steps within the Tower, and when she was finally raised she chose the Brown Ajah.

• F A M I L Y •

C H A K A I: The Arches revealed details of her early life that Malaika pursued as Aes Sedai. Her older brother, Chakai, had been morat’torm — a title Malaika had herself coveted as a girl, before the ceremony that saw her collared instead. She eventually tracked Chakai down to Ebou Dar, where he had married and had children; a son, Kasimir, and a daughter. An injury to Chakai’s leg had ended his career years before. Malaika found no welcome from him, and in fact he attacked her, resulting in her scarred hand. Years later it was revealed that Chakai had never accepted Malaika’s loss. It was his outspoken nature that led to his career ending injury and exile to Altara, and upon seeing her as Aes Sedai he never forgave the sacrifice he had made trying to find her.

Z U R A F A I: With information received from her brother, Malaika later sought her sister, suspecting her to be damane and wishing to release her. It transpired instead that she was sul’dam, and intended to capture Malaika and return her to her rightful place in the Empire. Chakai had betrayed her. But following their meeting Zura was captured instead. Rather than take her to the Tower, Makaika chose to release her with the knowledge that she was in fact a channeler.

K A S I M I R: Chakai’s son followed Malaika back to the Tower, wishing to train among the warders. He stayed with Malaika for a time, until she received word from his father demanding his return home to Ebou Dar. Malaika suggested Kas ought make amends while he had the chance. She did indeed return him to his family, in exchange for the information she used to find Zurafai. Kasimir reminded her much of the miscreant Chakai had been as a boy. Predictably, he did not stay in Ebou Dar despite his parents’ wishes.

• L A T E R • Y E A R S •

Malaika continued to struggle with identity and meaning throughout her life. Her studies began to encompass the lives of ordinary people, a sphere she never felt she belonged to.

When Kekura din Anor took control of the Tower, Malaika supported the coup.

Following the Last Battle, she was instrumental in organising refuge for those ordinary souls displaced by the war, and found peace in the work.

• R P • H I S T O R Y •

• O T H E R • L I V E S •

1st Age: Born as Chihiro Matsumoto, a former Atharim hunter.

6th Age: Born a huntress in the wilds, preferring the company of animals over most people. She offers sanctuary to escaped slaves at her refuge of Lake Nemi. In myth she is remembered as the Roman deity, Diana.



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