The oldest of the Kojima children. He is over 40 years of age, married with multiple children of his own. He is the Operating Manager of the Banking House and highly respected by his staff. He is a brilliant accountant, and is known to be able to find any flaw in numbers. He is rather amoral, but intelligent enough to know how to project himself as operating within the boundaries of public perception and White Tower laws. He is destined to inherit the majority of Arman’s fortune, the bank, and Asad’s sword when the time comes, and he has great ambition on that account. Personally, Zakar is controlling and manipulative, particularly of his long-term mistress, a barmaid named Jaslene. He is a serious germaphobe who greatly dislikes being touched and regularly wipes down his furniture when people leave his office.

Nythadri spotted him long before the clerk’s superfluous introduction; it was hardly difficult to identify the lord in his manor, after all. And in watching his approach, punctuated by so many seeking his attention, she had plenty of time to study. His very manner oozed the confidence of a man in his element. And as he drew ever closer, she saw how much he looked like Jai, if Jai were to play the consummate business man. Straight-laced, stiff-backed, serious-faced. The menacing height of the north, the strong breadth of shoulders. He shared the sleeve-tugging habit, as well as that unmistakable intensity. Definitely the intensity; in fact it might be said it was something Jai appeared to share of his brother, rather than the other way around. It was certainly a word that claimed ownership over her initial perception of Zakar; every action serving precise function, every flicker of his gaze set with iron-cast purpose. Nythadri could not imagine a smirk softening the solemn set of his mouth, nor any flashes of boyishness breaking against such a cool exterior. If Jai was a man in constant flux, then Zakar was cast concrete in reason. Not a man to mess with.

Accepred Nythadri, Loose Ends

Previous Lives

In the 1st Age Zakar was reborn as Zacarías Secada Amengual, one of the most dangerous drug lords in the western hemisphere following the demise of his brother Andres.

He was killed by Jay Carpenter.



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