The current patriarch of the Kojima family, and Jai’s father. He has operated the banking house for many long years. He recently retired as Executive in Charge and has retreated to the role of owner only in name. Upon his retirement, his first-born son, Zakar assumed the responsibility of daily operations as he has been groomed his whole life to do. Arman’s wife is the mother of three boys. She has struggled with bouts of madness most of her adult life, which started after giving birth to her first child. Regular assistance from Aes Sedai have staved off the worst of her delirium for almost thirty years, but now, even weekly Healing does not seem to have much effect. Each of her children have inherited their own mental imbalances as a result.

His mother probably staring blank at the portrait he’d sworn to complete but knew now he never would. It would be kinder if they cancelled her weekly appointments with Aes Sedai Healers and simply let her fade into bliss.

Jai Kojima, Under Guard


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