The middle child of the three Kojima brothers. He is in his 30s, unmarried and very unattached. He is a gambler, socialite and partier. At the Bank, he works as a Financial Officer when he deigns to show up, and shares some of the same mathematical skill as his brothers. While not lazy, exactly, his mood swings from intense productivity to long absences from his responsibilities. He is wildly paranoid and uncontrollably bipolar, and tends to go on months-long disappearances as a result. After which, he will return home broke, ill, or half out of his mind. His family has long-ago accepted these behaviors, and largely leave him alone when his mood stumbles from the cliffs of manic highs. As a result of his volatile personality, his temper and depression have landed him in many confrontations. Therefore, he can hold his own in a fight and has no qualms with fighting dirty.

Andreu Kojima was the first stare of fashion and poise.  He flashed pearly smiles at those lucky enough to gain his attention.  He waved across the lobby floor to clerks and tellers whom sat a little straighter at their desks afterward, as though they’d been rewarded a handsome prize. The air was a little sweeter with this man’s presence, the chandelier sparkled a bit brighter, and the room exhaled a tense breath it hadn’t known it’d been holding.  

Andreu Kojima, Under Guard

If his unusual borderland height didn’t mark him out, the angry bruises did; though, truth told, Nythadri was surprised to see evidence of them still darkening his face. In the city of Aes Sedai, an individual with enough wealth or standing need not suffer the ill effects of an injury if they did not wish it. So was it pride, or something else? Because if the brand of a ruffian was detrimental to his reputation he gave no sign, even though it made him stick out like a wolf among sheep. Considering which, she supposed she should be doing her best to remain unnoticed, or at least be surreptitious in her observation of him. But she watched anyway; quite openly, if casually, as a he whorled into the bank with the effect of rain on wilting crops. When she had been here weeks past, men had pounced on Zakar, eager for the attentions of a busy man while they lasted. For Andreu, they shone.

Accepted Nythadri, Dealing with Bankers


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