The Demon of Envy


Behemoth is the demon name of the fallen angel Barachiel. He was a member of the grigori with no particular specialty or skill other than being selected by Samyaza for his outstanding noble devotion to righteousness and purity of soul. He readily accepted the vows of the Watchers and carried out his charge with honor. Yet deep within the shell of bravery and light slumbered a fatal flaw that took many long years to surface. 

He was destined to fall in love with another whose original name is lost to the ages, but legend remembers her as Leviathan. They met at the pre-ordained place where the dead sea met the desert, and he was immediately and desperately in love with her. Barachiel kept his vows despite all the urges of his heart, and readily voted in favor of Samyaza’s proposal, and upon their agreement, immediately left his post to find her.

Many happy years passed, including fathering a number of children with his wife until the meddling of Gabriel changed everything. A scheme tricked him into thinking his wife betrayed their marriage with a brother grigori, and the cardinal sin of envy surfaced for the first time. Behemoth was the first Watcher to kill a brother, driven to violence by the rage of jealousy and so began their civil war. 

Following the fall of his order, he was banished to the arid land of Duidain, which was also the site of Azazel’s horrific prison. He lost everything by the end of the war, and in legend, is remembered as the demon of envy.


1st Age – Carter de Volthström

3rd Age – Leodon Taravin

5th Age – Behemoth



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