Angel of Storms, Singer of Dark Songs

Ananiel was one of the 200 Watchers who fell from grace in the 5th Age.

He had a touch of a Singer’s ability in this Age, though it was not known as such then, and it went hand in hand with his greater affinity with the weather. He was known as an angelic guard of the South Wind, which brought pleasant fragrances, dew, rain, prosperity and life. Together with Ramiel and Baraqiel, two Watcher brothers with whom he was exceptionally close, he held dominion over weather.

The pacifist ideals of their world suited Ananiel well, for he was both gentle and kind in spirit. The warnings of the previous Age left a mark on him that took deeply to heart the conflicts and responsibilities of his gifts. As such he willingly gave his life over to Watcher’s caretaking duties, and found peace and meaning in brotherhood.

When Samyaza first came to his men seeking counsel, Ananiel was initially hesitant despite the lures in his own heart. But there was none wiser than the man who led them; the man who had once peered deeply into all their hearts, and found them worthy. With Naamah, Samyaza had found joy. How could love be wrong? So when even Azazel did not speak out against it, suggesting that perhaps their Watch was coming to its natural end, he pledged his oath along with the others. Where his brothers led, he would always follow.

The fears proved unfounded. Between them, the Watchers held all the knowledge and ability needed for the foundations of a Utopian society; something so potentially wonderful, it might act as a guiding light to the rest of mankind. When Ananiel set down his arms it was with relief for unloading a burden he had never recognised himself as carrying. He had never chafed under the rules and rituals of the order. Yet this new life felt like finally breathing free.

He never knew love like it when he beheld his first child; a creature so small and so perfect, he could no longer understand how it might possibly have been considered an act of evil. The Watchers had been raised pious, he reasoned. Samyaza himself knew their very souls. They would not make the mistakes of old with the care of this new generation.

As the years wound on, Ananiel taught the secrets of agriculture. Like a beating heart he brought revelry to their community’s evenings with story and song, dancing and festivity. In the daytime he was often found among the children, corralling their mischief and teaching them the old ways. He shucked convention as easily as his sword and did not mind sharing the duties of the women. With flowers in his hair and a grin on his face, it was difficult to remember he had ever been a warrior.

But slowly, the horizons of their world changed. Grew darker. He was uncomfortable with the stirrings of unrest, uncertain again when Azazel began to share the secrets of his craft. If they were peaceful surely the High Ones would not turn on them? Yet there was little he could do to stop that tragic wheel from turning, and he understood the desire to protect what had been built.

But it all went so terribly wrong. In the rebellion and civil warring to follow, Ananiel fought stoically for the protections of his family and the way of life he had grown to love.

Loss finally broke in him a madness that turned him feral with grief long before the Archangels came to meter out their punishments. Ananiel brought forth the storms and widespread destruction that became his legacy.

When Michael came for them, he was damned alongside his brothers.

Other Lives

1st Age: Rafael Janssen

3rd Age: Asha’man Araya

6th Age: Dionysus



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