A ter’angrael made during the final years of the Fourth Age; in what would later come to be known as the Isles of Erie. The Crown was passed between the ruling Channelers of the Isles from the Fourth through the Sixth Age, eventually lost to time after the downfall of High King Lugh during the Final Fomorian War.

The Crown of Maeve; composed of amethyst, emerald, and silver.


The crown is a mid-grade ter’angreal with the ability to cause ‘inspiration’ amongst those that look upon its bearer. Those that wear this crown and give speeches will find that their audience is often left spell-bound and captivated. The masses are left wishing to fulfill the desires and urges spoken by the bearer – to the best of their abilities. Many a folk hero from the Isles owes their success to the sway of this crown.

History and Legend

During the end of the Fourth Age, the Queen of Connaught – or what is better known as the Isles of Erie – sought to solidify her rule over the Realm. She brought to her the finest metal weavers and crystal carvers and infused their combined works with her own willpower. It is said that the Crown of Maeve was the result of their combined efforts. The Fourth Age Queen was reportedly always seen to be wearing the ter’angreal thereafter – her rule never being challenged until the dawn of the Fifth Age.

The Crown was a symbol passed down amongst the rulers of Connaught/The Isles of Erie – despite the natural evolution of the Government. Nuada possessed the crown but was never seen wearing it in public – during either of his reigns. Regent Bres was never seen to wear it and court gossip stated that the man never possessed the crown to begin with. Lugh had been the only monarch of the Fifth or Sixth Age to bear the crown publicly.

It is said that the crown was lost during the Last Battle of the Final Fomorian War. High King Lugh and the very Isles themselves perished during that battle.



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