The first city of the Isles of Erie to survive the onslaught of the God Wars that began in the Fifth Age. It was once a technological metropolis in the North-Eastern Hemisphere of the globe. Gorias is one of four cities to survive the Erie Civil War, and eventually, it was named one of the four major Metropolises of the Erie due to the same reasons.

Gorias survived the worst of the 5th Age’s God Wars due to an aristocratic sway in domestic design. Due to the ever-increasing paranoia of the aristocracy, homes and businesses regularly began to be constructed halfway into the earth. Most dwellings of this Great City consisted of two subterranean levels and one level above ground topped with a large mound of soil, clay, and stone. The architectural design started as a fad but was quickly taken up by the common folk as the nations of the world were torn into pieces by the warring Gods.

The population of Gorias remained a constant until the God Wars broke out; due to the construction of the city’s defenses, Gorias was poised to accept refugees in the thousands – and so they did. The population was augmented by the union, and so the workforce had been strengthened and expanded. An artistic renaissance had taken hold of Gorias despite the political climate.

Gorias had adopted the mantle of a safe haven and the three remaining ports slowed their cargo crafts. At the heart of it all sat two sorcerers, squabbling over the Ley Line that Gorias and Findias had shared.



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