Basic Stats

Age: 33
D.O.B: 07/01/2013
Origin: New York, NY
Current Location: Moscow, Russia
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 120 lbs.
Occupation:  Pop Star Siobhan (previously Back up vocals/bass guitar of Blarney Stoned)
Talent: Wolfkin
Alignment: Neutral Good
Loyalty: Neutral
Current Relationships: Aiden FinneganRowan Finnegan (Friend,) (Friend)
Played By: Siobhan West

Psychological description

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, very hard to get to know; often answers questions about personal life in an evasive manner. Very emotional and sensitive. She cares deeply about matters of the perceived family and home. Attached to the people she keeps close. Loving and able to empathize with others on the emotional level.

Guided by her heart, can have a hard time blending into the world. Impatient, has a tendency towards mood swings when running on little sleep. Has a strong sense of self-pity. Quick to help others. Is not aware of her own strength. Has a tendency to fight other people’s battles for them. Can be a little co-dependent on those she holds close.

Intuitive when it comes to relationships, ideas, and motivations before anyone has actually spoken. Hates small talk, especially when it contains white lies. Social gatherings can be overwhelming when she doesn’t know anyone. She’d much rather spend time in small groups where everyone is on the same page.

In romance, she is a giving and generous lover; she expects the same in return. She is above mind games and hates the thrill of the chase. She is liable to fall into committed loves after a few days or weeks of dating. She is happiest when part of a pair, thus keeps her manager close.

Physical description

 Below average height, an hourglass figure despite her height. Naturally brunette hair, bleached to a platinum shade. Wears heavy and simplistic makeup, often paying tribute to the ‘Punk Queens’ of the past.

Prefers heeled boots that will greatly improve her height; Siobhan wears the tightest pants and highest heels imaginable. Often sporting punk band t-shirts, denim vests, leather outfits, studs, and spikes; Siobhan looks tougher than she feels. The woman exudes the attitude of a lion, though she feels the calve. Siobhan’s appearance makes up for her shy nature.

Supernatural powers

Can telepathically communicate with wolves that are ‘in her pack.’ When under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Siobhan experiences heightened sences and can track others much like a wolf. She begins to act like a female wolf when intoxicated.

The pack does not live with Siobhan, besides Ebony and Ivory (who come and go as they need.) The rest usually haunt whatever woods are closest to wherever she is residing. Now that she is in Moscow, the pack has scattered across the continent trying to investigate this ‘calling’ she was feeling. Ivory, since coming to Moscow, has developed a tendency to wander, so he is not always at Siobhan’s side. Ebony is an anomaly and developed a strong bond with Siobhan, rarely leaving her side; during daylight hours Ebony is usually dozing at Siobhan’s flat or wandering the forests, while after dark she is all but glued to Siobhan’s side despite anyone else’s misgivings. Siobhan used the pack in her act during her most recent world tour, thus earning her a reputation as a wolf-trainer and heavy comparison to Sigfried and Roy. Due to this reputation, anyone familiar with Siobhan or popular media will assume Ebony is docile, although anyone unfamiliar with Siobhan’s work may very well lose their shit at Ebony’s presence.



Siobhan was a transfer student from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Her parents, of Irish and Italian descent, were both big stars on Broadway; each starring in productions of Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, The Rocky Horror Show, and Ragtime… to name a few. In the year 2029, both of Siobahn’s parents scored the leading roles in a revival of Beauty and the Beast; the revival did so well on Broadway that it went on to tour the US, both of Siobhan’s parents retaining the lead roles.

The first stop on the tour was New Orleans, LA; due to the nature of the tour and Siobhan’s age, she was enlisted at De La Salle High School, a private Catholic school in New Orleans. Siobhan’s paternal Grandmother accompanied the family down to New Orleans and bought a house in the Garden District. The plan was for Siobhan to finish out her final year of high school in New Orleans while her parents finished their tour of the North American continent; Siobhan’s Grandmother would remain in residence down there throughout her retirement.

It was at De La Salle that Siobhan met Aiden Finnegan and the two became fast friends. Aiden, who would later go on to star opposite Siobhan’s mother on Broadway, was the first person to introduce Siobhan to punk rock. It affected her on a level deeper than any drug or psychedelic could have at that point in her life. This was a music that spoke to her soul. She immediately adopted the image and lifestyle often associated with punk kids. It was at this time that Siobhan also became close with Aiden’s twin sister, and eccentric artist, Rowan Finnegan.

The group, along with Aiden’s then-boyfriend, Kyle Rice, ruled the school; as uncommon as that was for ‘art-kids.’ Aiden and Siobhan stared in the spring musical, ‘Grease;’ both taking the leading roles. The chemistry between the two was undeniable. Due to Rowan’s badgering, Aiden started up an Irish-punk band in their parent’s garage, aptly named ‘Blarney Stoned.’ Rowan claimed she saw great success for the group in her Tarot cards, but most, besides Aiden and Siobhan, paid Rowan little heed. The group would not seriously entertain the notion of entering the music world until 2035 when they submitted their audition tracks to Mark Wrath, an American Publicist with connections in LA, NYC, and abroad.

The group, Blarney Stoned, was signed within the week of submitting their demo to Mr. Wrath and Siobhan shot to stardom overnight. It wasn’t long after the group’s first single, High-Ireland, took the number one spot on music charts around the globe; her social media presence became something that was required as opposed to tolerated, and her image was being captured by paparazzi no matter what burger joint or fast fashion store she was walking out of. Siobhan had it all.

During the year 2036, shortly after Blarney Stoned returned home from their first continental tour, Siobhan took a camping trip in the swamps of New Orleans. Much like a horror movie, Siobhan lost her way on the trip. Her gear disappeared bit by bit and it seemed that she was traveling in literal circles. The only constant in that trip was a lone black wolf that trailed her every move. It never made a threatening move, nor did it ever draw too close to her camp; it simply watched what she would do. On the last day, before her rescue, Siobhan fashioned a spear from a forgotten tree branch and wounded a lowely rabbit, providing her a meal for the first time in days. The wolf came to her fire that night and simply sat and watched her while she skinned her kill, then roasted and feasted upon the rabbit before passing out in the underbrush.

The next morning, the park rangers came across a sleeping Siobhan, offering her refuge and a return to civilization. The wolf followed her; much to the dismay to the park rangers, Siobhan insisted the wolf be allowed to stay. She was taken home that afternoon and the wolf stayed by her side every second.

Siobhan named that wolf Ebony for she was black as the night. To this day, Ebony stands guard at Siobhan’s side, through thick and thin.

Returning to civilization gave Siobhan a new lease on life, she was determined to live it all till there was nothing left to experience. Blarney Stoned began work on their sophomore album as soon as Siobhan was rescued and she took it all in stride. She bought a loft in NYC, just 60 minutes from the recording studio and only 15 minutes from the local forest preserve; the group met every day to refine their album, and it was released in the first quarter of 2038.

Aiden, Rowan, and Kyle all noticed the strange relationship that was blossoming between Siobhan and Ebony; to the point that Aiden penned a song on the group’s second album, The Children of Lir, about Siobhan and her wolf entitled Deserted and Derelict. The song told the story about an Irish Goddess abandoned by her divine parents and then, the goddess in question, was taken in by wolves; it was never released as a single, but often quoted as a fan favorite, especially among feminists.

The group departed on another Continental tour after the release of the second album and Siobhan took her wolf with her. Over the course of the journey, Siobhan had begun to lock herself alone in her room with Ebony. Upon questioning, she would later tell her bandmates that Ebony had begun to speak to her when the pair were alone. Ebony was said to have revealed ancient knowledge and myths to Siobhan, all of which were passed down from wolf to wolf. The other bandmates laughed it off, but Rowan Finnegan, who was just a groupie at that point, had believed every word that Siobhan spoke. The trouble was that the rest of Blarney Stoned, aside from Aiden, considered Rowan just as much of a cook as they did Siobhan.

Much like the previous tour, Siobhan found herself in a forest on the final day of the tour; although this time she was in Salem, Mass. The trees and the animals in the area sung in unison, seeming to be apart of a wider web of consciousness; Ebony beckoned Siobhan to accompany her into the depths of the woods and hunt the lesser creatures as the Queens of the forest would. Siobhan could hardly deny the call.

Although Siobhan possessed no preternatural skill, she hunted with excellence; pointing Ebony in the direction of every hiding hare and prancing faun. The woman stood above her wolven companion, who was feasting upon the gut of each lesser mammal in earnest, with a smug grin of satisfaction. She was no wolf, but it was hard not to feel a connection when the pair had worked so marvelously in tandem. When Ebony won, Siobhan won. It was also at that moment that a snowy white wolf showed up, no doubt drawn by the scent of blood and viscera.

Ebony snapped at the newfound male, fending for her prize; Siobhan only watched in fascination. The male and the female wolves each entered a dance, a contest of wills. Back and forth they snapped, nipping at the other’s neck, scattering back to a safe distance after. It truly was a dance, no matter what either wolf though; for Siobhan could hear their thoughts. It all ended within twenty minutes, each conceding to the other, both lapping at the sweet belly juice of the fallen fawn, Siobhan watching in wonder.

The white wolf followed Siobhan as well, she named it ‘Ivory,’ for its snow-white fur. It almost seemed predestined by fate, so long as Siobhan was concerned, that she should end up with a wolf so perfectly black and another so crisply white. It was almost like the yin-yang symbol, especially when one followed the other as they were prone to do.

Blarney Stoned came together for the third time, Aiden and Kyle’s relationship seeming to be on the uneasy ground; Siobhan had both wolves in tow. That junior album was met with the greatest level of success any group act could ask for, but it didn’t seem to be enough for Aiden and Kyle. Those two had often found themselves fighting and Siobahn had often found herself mediating between the two parties; it wasn’t that she felt the need to, but things had been going so well at that point. Why not try to preserve it?

In the end, no matter what Siobhan said, the pair had split due to private matters… She had tried to patch things up, but there was nothing for it. The paparazzi descended upon each member of Blarney Stoned and Siobhan couldn’t deal; in the past, she had always deflected and that had been enough. Not now. They wanted her thoughts, wanted to know the most intimate parts of her. It was almost too much to bear. Then Ebony and Ivory had beckoned to the backwoods of the Eastern Coast of the United States.

Siobhan spent a year and a day with the wolves. They had gathered an entire pack around them, Siobhan included, and roamed from North to South in search of prey and passing down the legends of the Wolf, stories not heard by any human mortal in over a millennia. Siobhan considered herself reborn by the lupine kind and refused to rejoin human society lest the wolves ask her to. At the end of that year and a day, Ebony and Ivory had approached Siobhan and told her it was time.

It was a rough transition for the ex-bassist, but after contacting her Grandmother and parents, things became easier. Within a month, Siobhan had a condo in San Diego and an agent bent on jumpstarting her career after the meltdown of Blarney Stoned. It didn’t take long before Siobhan was topping the ‘Top of the Pops’ chart in the UK and the height of the American charts with her lead pop-punk single, ‘Regulus and Remus.’ It was the beginning of a solo career the likes the world had never seen; Siobhan had taken her Irish roots and turned them into something decidedly American.

Over the next four years, Siobhan focused on her art at the behest of Ebony and Ivory. Siobhan made songs solely for the wolves and their kin; true to her aim, at every concert there seemed to be an uptick in ‘rough looking youths’ and a strong wolf presence outside of the concert grounds. Siobhan felt that her life’s work had to do with forming a ‘grand pack,’ but all of that changed after Ebony and Ivory informed her that things would be changing; Siobhan was destined to leave the continent in favor of the old USSR, the CCD. There she would embark upon a great destiny and ‘unite the wolves’ as no one had ever seen before.

Those ideas were not outside of Siobhan’s realm of scope, indeed she felt she would pursue the same dream, although in a different part of the world. The wooded areas of Russia were reputed to be wild and untamed, were they not? Just the place for Siobhan.

At this point, Siobhan had several different wolves following her; Ebony and Ivory leading the pack without a doubt. Taking all seven wolves with her, Siobhan began a world tour of her second pop-punk album, ‘Silver Skans;’ the final stop being Moscow.

Although fierce in their own right, Siobhan viewed the seven wolves as the ‘seven dwarves’ to her fairytale life. Ivory was Grumpy because he was found in Salem and always sour about something. Ebony was Happy because she was the first to change Siobhan’s life and always brought a smile to her face. Jayson was Sleepy because he was found in Massachusets and always seemed to be dozing no matter what one was doing. Mark, who was found in the hills of North Carolina, was Bashful because he always went along with whatever Siobhan said, and quite frankly, seemed to have a crush on her.

Angel, recruited in Los Angeles, was Sneezy because he seemed to be allergic to interaction with anyone no matter their species. Harley was Dopey because they found her in Florida and didn’t really seem to be paying attention to the matter at hand… ever. Last, but certainly not least was Evangeline as Doc, who acted ever the pack-mother and tended to everyone considered kin. It was all too ‘very on the nose’ for Siobhan, but it worked. The seven had come together to form a family; one that understood Siobhan more deeply than either one of her parents could.

Even Siobhan’s bandmates, whom she had known since high school, could not compare where the pack was concerned. Outside of her career and required social functions, Shobhan had become quite the recluse she chose instead to roam the forests with her pack, in search of prey and any whispers the woods might give. It proved a struggle to balance the two lives, but Siobhan saw her celebrity status as a natural evil. To enjoy the second life she craved, she would have to maintain her day job as a pop-punk star.

Siobhan has enjoyed great success in her solo music career, selling out every show on her Continental Stadium tour, far surpassing that of Blarney Stoned. Indeed, Siobhan’s name has become more well known that Aiden’s in this day and age. Upon landing in Russia, Siobhan has scattered her pack in search of that which she has been called to. Ebony and Ivory stay at her side, but the pair have proved adept at reading the Pattern. Siobhan finds herself at the heels of Aiden and Rowan Finnegan, wondering why fate has drawn them back together.



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