Blarney Stoned

An American punk band from the French Quarter of New Orleans, formed in 2035 and known for theatrical stage shows and personal involvement with their fanbase. Much of the band’s sound is inspired by Celtic music mixed with punk and electronica, lyrics bouncing between English and Gaelic. The band incorporates accordion, flute, and fiddle.

The band was formed by lead singer and guitarist, Aiden Finnegan. He and drummer, Kyle Rice, acted as main songwriters on all three of the band’s studio albums. The group went on two national tours (American and European) and one world tour with select stadium dates.

Blarney Stoned is often credited for inventing the sub-genre Irish Punk.

Many rumors and tabloid stories have swirled around the band after their break up in 2041 (after 6 years together.) It is reputed that leadman, Aiden Finnegan, and drummer, Kyle Rice, were in a committed relationship before and during the band’s active years; Blarney Stoned having split up due to Finnegan’s infidelity. He has denied these rumors, but Rice has come out in recent years confirming the stories and painting Finnegan in an unfavorable light.

The fanbase for the group still continues strong in the Americas, many calling for a reunion tour. Rice has outright refused the idea, Finnegan has dodged the question when asked in interviews.


Band Members

  • Aiden Finnegan (Lead vocals, guitar, piano)
  • Kyle Rice (Back up vocals, drums)
  • Siobhan West (Back up vocals, bass guitar)
  • Niall Murphy (guitar, fiddle)
  • Maeve Walsh (percussion, electronics)
  • Liam Kelly (accordion, flute)


(Left to Right: Aiden Finnegan, Mark Wrath (Aiden’s Publicist), and Kyle Rice)




Irish Punks (released 2036)

A typical punk-rock album, with Celtic influences. Heavy use of guitar, bass, drums, fiddle, flute, and accordion. Most of the songs run fast and hard, two ballads are featured on the album (Ogham and Emerald Eyes.) Lyrical content heavily references Ireland’s history, modern politics, and drug use. The album was a major hit for the group, topping global music charts for a few months. The lead single, High-reland, can still be heard playing at most ‘alternative’ clubs and bars around the world.
Track Listing:
1. High-reland (lead single)
2. Potato Famine
3. St. Patrick and the Snakes
4. Witch’s War (second single)
5. Free State
6. Ogham
7. Bronze Age Bitches
8. Emerald Eyes (third single)

The Children of Lir (released 2038)

The group’s sophomore album, drawing heavily on the mythology of the Tuatha De Dannan and their downfall; every song on the album recounts different stories from the same set of myths that shares the album’s namesake. The sound of the album is notably different from their debut album, Irish Punks; critics noting that Aiden Finnegan and Kyle Rice, lead members of the band and the chief songwriters, took great risk in artistic exploration. Each song has a different sound, a few even departing from their trademark genre ‘Irish Punk.’ The album was lauded by critics but was met with a lukewarm response by fans, many crying that the themes of the album were too serious for such a lighthearted band.

Track Listing: 
1. On the Loch
2. Three Sons
3. Counter Curse (third single)
4. Three Hundred Years
5. Swan Song (second single)
6. Monk’s Hood
7. Deserted and Derelict
8. The Song of Fionnuala
9. King of Heaven
10. The Children of Lir (lead single)

(Siobhan West in a promotional shot from The Children of Lir.)

Lugus Cân (released 2041)

The group’s final album, they split several months after it’s release amidst a world tour and a notable scandal. Returning to their roots, this album sounds similar to their first album, Irish Punks, although with a mature sound; employing the use of a gospel choir on two songs (Cosmic Light and Sacred Grove) and electronic sounds. The lyrical content continued to be inspired by Celtic myths, most notably the story of the sun god, Lugh. Critics and fans alike loved the entire album; the success of this spawned their aforementioned global tour, with select stadium dates. Although the band split up, many indie Irish Punk bands spawned in the wake of the scandal, owing their inspiration to this specific album.

Track Listing: 
1. Lughnassad
2. Cosmic Light (fourth single)
3. Lieu of the Skillful Hand
4. Oathbreaker
5. Lugh of the Long Arm (second single)
6. Bard’s Guild
7. Lugus Can (lead single)
8. Sacred Grove
9. The Raven and The Cock
10. Venomous Eye (third single)



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