Genetically Modified Mutation CxR currently unstable and unusable as super soldier. Potential Reclassification: Biological Weapon

Vaia Plus Finds Abandoned Bunker

After finding a former Atharim hidden bunker that had been long since abandoned, Dr Flynn and his team set out to use the information from the repository left on the hard drives. Flynn and his men found details on the Chupacabra virus as well as the Rougarou genetic mutation.

Genetic Research

The Chupacabra strength and speed increase in the human host was combined with the genetic mutations similar to the Rougarou in the hopes that the acceptance of the transformation would quell much of the negative side effects of the parasite. However this had the reverse effect and exasperated the paranoia and the territorialism. The need to reproduce itself grew exponentially and the mutation enhanced the parasites ability to proliferate the vastness through bodily fluids which the parasite spread. Specimens deteriorated quickly when denied blood and flesh leaving behind nothing more than a beast with moltin skin. An atypical result happens when the specimen is also a human channeler. The specimen still deteriorates, but the parasitic link established allows some sort of connection in which the human can control or understand the others and thus induce obedience.

Research Notes of one Alastair Pavlo and his followers

Special Case

Patient X – After the bite, the parasite begins the journey to his brain, adrenal glands, and bone marrow.  Severing the arm as quickly prevented the travel completion. The parasite was unable to infiltrate the brain and the adrenal gland but a protein marker remains creating a ‘a toxin’ that is tries to communicate with the other parts of the colony which it can’t reproduce on its own.  This toxin creates a ‘coating’ around the one power which allows the subject to control the creatures [Note: This is the same mechanism in which any channeler would gain the ability]. 

Patient X’s natural paranoia is exasperated and becomes increasingly territorial with the addition of the creatures base instants of spreading at all costs, feeding the colony and survival of the fittest. In order to draw upon the channeler’s ability Patient X has to reach through the pain and ‘goop of the toxin’ making the symptoms worse with each use. (ie: the taint of saidin on a very tiny scale)



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