American Atharim Hunter
Age: 67

Jacob was Noel Durante’s (Nox‘s grandfather) best friend and like an uncle to Bryan (Nox’s father).  He hunted with the Durantes on a regular basis.  Nox and Aurora grew up calling him Uncle Jake despite no blood relaltion.

Jacob was there when Bryan’s father died and was the one who relayed the news to the family.  They all felt the loss.

Jacob has been unable to get in touch with Bryan since Cleo’s passing.  He’s been looking for the family friend on and off again for years until he finds the recording of Nox that’s gone viral of the kid he once knew and a reborn god getting the shit kicked out of him. 

Jacob takes it upon himself to hunt down the entirety of the Durante family and kill them all and heads to Moscow to take out the reason he has to kill his family.



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