Basic Stats

Age: 21
D.O.B: Sept 22, 2024 @ 11:55pm
Origin: Wichita, Kansas
Occupation: Field Hunter in Atharim
Reborn God: Nut
Power: 12/26
Ability: Adept
Loyalty: Atharim
Played By: #Preferred username in chat etc#

Psychological description

Aurora is quiet in nature, while she might not be talking, she’s observing everything. Taking everything in to categorize and organize for later use. But once Aurora gets a thought stuck in her head she’s unbending. She is a passive creature by nature, but she has a temper and has been known to unleash her wrath. Aurora likes to help people, it’s her main goal in life.

Physical description

Aurora is 5’5″(1.651m) weighing approximately 140lbs(63.5kg) with natural blond hair that she tends to color on occasion. She keeps her hair long and layered, but keeps it up and out of the way when on a hunt. Aurora has grey-blue eyes that tend to change to one or the other depending on what she wears. She likes to wear skirts and pretty things, but her family’s career tends to see her in more utilitarian wear, things that function well in any condition. But Aurora is never with out her pretty clothes, even if she can’t wear them.


See Nox’s Biography for all details prior to Aurora waking up

Aurora Waking Up

The blurry mind of sleep is clouded with things from the dream world and reality. Sounds and motion register at the edge of a dream. The faint beeping of something incorporates as some strange element in a dream. The voices outside enter your head and interrupt the progress. Except that your dream makes it all make sense, like that’s what is supposed to happen. And then you realized that you were dreaming. That the beeping you heard was an alarm going on next to your bed. The voices were people gathering around you. When you open your eyes, everything is blurry, nothing makes sense.
“She’s awake. I’ll go get the doctor.”
Doctor? Where am I? The scene clears and the people come into focus. White walls standing behind them She didn’t recognize a soul that stood above her. A woman leaned over her with a light and checked her eyes with it. Why was she here?
The woman smiled and spoke. “Do you know where you are?”
Where am I? Speaking was hard, her mouth was dry. Another woman brought a cup of ice. “Try this.”
The ice was cold but it did help.”No. A hospital?” Looking around she saw nothing familiar, the window’s shades were closed. Nothing was familiar.
“You are at GMS Medical Clinic in Moscow? Do you know why you were in Moscow?”
She shook her head. The women were concerned. “Do you know who you are?”
“Of course I do. My name is… She didn’t remember her name. What the hell happened to me? “I can’t seem to remember.”
The woman nodded. “You were in a plane crash. You were brought here unconsious. You’ve been here a week. You had a few personal items on you. And your luggage was found. They are in the closet over their.” The woman pointed. “Let me get them for you.”
The woman handed her a wallet, and a small purse first, the rest of the luggage remained in the closet she had opened. Inside her purse she found her own passport. It looked like her. Her name. Aurora Durante. Age 21. Birthday yadda yadda. But that was about it. It didn’t bring up any memories. She had none. She had no idea even why she was in Moscow to begin with, much less anything else of importance.
:PPC :Channeler :Atharim



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