Basic Stats

Age: 26
Origin: Chicago
Reborn: Odysseus
Power Potential: 18
Played By: Jaxen


An avid bodybuilder, Andre takes a great source of pride in his physique, working out 5 days a week at Gold’s Gym.

Sleeves of tattoos cover his arms. A larger piece of rearing horses and spears fills the span of his back.

His hair is kept trim and short, but he is fond of interesting designs shaved to the scalp, which he changes often. He typically wears a beard, likewise shaved into interesting designs around the mouth and chin.

He wears a cubic zirconia stud earring in one ear and a yellow-gold statement ring on his thumb when off-duty.

His off-duty clothes are flashy and colorful. The plain clothes of an on-duty detective are typical button-down shirts, slacks and a sturdy belt.

He is adept with a pistol and accepts nothing less than perfect scoring aim while on the practice range.

Andre DuBois is a Detective for the Chicago Police Department, Homicide Division. He is stationed in the 11th precinct, infamously known for making up the most violent streets in America. That might be a stretch. They’re at least tied with Detroit for the title.

He is an adept-level channeler.  Due to previous training and practicing with Marcus, he will likely progress quickly to expert in-game. Potential strength = 18 (average Asha’man is 21).


He is the soul of the Greek hero, Odysseus. He is wise, calculating and intelligent but also a warrior. Yet he will act as needed to accomplish the task at hand, even walk a morally fine line when it’s required. He is thoughtful but is known to give in to temptation (particularly gambling) at times. He is cocky at times to the point of being off-putting but also extroverted and generous to praise others.



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