A naiad daughter of Cocytus, the Underworld river of wailing and lamentation. She was thought to be incredibly beautiful, but the life of a nymph is usually a lonely one, as they tended to have very little contact with the outside world.

She was a consort to Hades and may have remained so during his marriage to Persephone, staying with him during the summer months whilst Persephone returned to Mt. Olympus. The conflict between the two women escalated over time and Persephone (some say Demeter) killed her.

In Greek myth she was transformed into mint to be trodden underfoot, after declaring herself more worthy of Hades than his wife Persephone. The mint’s fragrance is attributed to Menthe’s allure, even then.

The mint plant was subsequently said to be a sacred plant of Hades, and indeed was often used in funeral rites, as the fragrancy of the mint hid other less pleasant smells.

Current Incarnation: Noémi Jourdain 



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