Brigid Aigit

Group: Celtic
Associations: Fertility, Healing, Poetry, Smithcraft, the Spring, Womanhood, Domesticated Animals, Wisdom, Warfare, Hearth, Hidden Knowledge
Other Incarnations: Rowan Finnegan, Viviane Accylon

5th and 6th Age Stats

Parents: Nechtan (Father) and Boann (Mother)
Siblings: Cermait, Aengus, Aed, and Bodb Derg
Spouse: Bres (dead)
Children: Gobain, Credne, Luchta, and Ruadan
Residence: Murias (city of birth), Conand’s Tower (an old Fomorian keep on the Isle of Tory), and the Temple of Brigid (Findias)
Official Domains: Fertility, Poetry, Hearth, Hidden Knowledge
Notes of interest: Found her cauldron at the bottom of Connla’s Well (a well long regarded as a portal to the ‘Otherworld.’ Termed ‘The Well of Wisdom,’ and the mythical source of the River Shannon. The river coincidentally dried up three years after Brigid recovered the cauldron.) Worked in concert with her three sons to create Nuada’s Keep, although she will deny this and give full credit to her sons.


Brigid (meaning ‘Exalted One’) was a female Dagda of the 5th and 6th Ages, she resided in the Isles of Erie (what is known as Ireland in the present Age.) A prominent member of the Tuatha De Danann; she served under two different High Kings before retiring from the world.

Hailing from the Third Great City of Murias, her parents were powerful Dagda in their own right. Her father, Nechtan, was the half-brother of the High King Nuada, and her mother, Boann, was known for the creation of many great rivers during the Great Famine of the Isles in the middle of the 5th Age. Brigid had four older brothers: Cermait, Aengus, Aed, and Bodb Derg.

Brigid made a name for herself during the first reign of Nuada utilizing a Cauldron that she claimed once belonged to her mother, Boann. She was said to have used the Cauldron to conjure up food for the needy, visions of the future for the King, and contacting the denizens of the Otherworld. It was for this that she was allowed to claim the domains of fertility, poetry, the hearth, and hidden knowledge.

In celebration of her service to the Isles, High King Nuada proclaimed that the first day of the second month of the new year would forever be dedicated to Brigid. It would later be known as ‘Imbolc.’

Brigid was known to have four sons. Gobain, Credne, and Luchta were born during the first reign of Nuada; their paternity unknown. These three would later go on to join Nuada’s court during his second reign.

Brigid’s fourth son, Ruadan, was the product of her forced marriage to Regent Bres, the man that claimed the Crown of Maeve during Nuada’s absence. Upon Nuada’s return, Brigid aided him in bringing down Bres and restoring the crown to the rightful king. Ruadan was killed in his cradle the day his father died; Brigid does not acknowledge his existence after his passing.

During the war with the Fomorian King Balor, all three of Brigid’s sons served under High King Nuada as generals – despite having formally left Nuada’s court to pursue their own passions. Only two of her children made it out of the war alive. Luchta was slain with an arrow to the eye. After Luchta’s death – and Nuada’s – Brigid left the court entirley to work with the common people. She would go to take up residence in Findias, the Second Great City, and establish a temple devoted to feeding and servicing the peoples of the isles.

Nuada’s successor, Lugh Samildanach, would later come looking for her in an effort to recruit her back in to the Courts and to get information on the whereabouts of her two remaining sons.


The Tuatha De Cycle: The Spear of Assal



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