Leon was the youngest of three children born to Corlin Leifurson of Iceland and Maragret Makris of Greece. Much of Leon’s childhood and adolescent was split between time spent in his parent’s homeland, spending usually the first half of the year in Greece, helping the Makris Inn, a family own historical seaside hotel in Sicily.

Both cultures having a penchant for outdoor adventures, most of his time was spent biking, rock-climbing, and sailing their ketch styled sailboat with his large extended family. Leon and his family would spend the latter half of the year in Iceland, to help with the annual réttir, a centuries old national tradition of shepherding over 800,000 sheep inside for the winter. As well as to partake in their own recreations as lagoon sailing, ice-climbing, and snowmobiling. It was during this time that he learned more about viking history as the old religion of Ásatrú had a small but steady resurgence.

During his pre-teen years his time was further split between cooking lessons and practicing their Greek language skills with his mother. From his father he practiced the Icelandic language and shared his father’s hobby of power-lifting. As Leon grew he began to focus on his studies having taken up an interest in earth sciences, meteorology in particular. 

Training and Education

It seemed though that he also inherited his father’s wanderlust for travel. After he completed his higher education, he enlisted in the CCD navy and was stationed aboard a carrier strike group in Dominance III. As a hobby Leon collects pearls he’s able to find during shore leave to use in making jewelry. He favors purchases from street vendors, even more so if the gem in question has a story attached to them. His future goal was to complete his Spets training and move to Moscow to work at the Ministry of Defense for operations planning and travel for highly valuable individuals.


Leon is 28 years old and at stands at 5’11”. His blonde hair is usually in a stylized haircut and a neatly trimmed beard, accenting his strong jawline. Chestnut brown eyes and a slight lopsided grin usually graces his face. Leon is generally an extraordinarily patient individual, loyal and family oriented. It takes a great deal to provoke him, but when it happens, his intolerance and temper explodes.

Past Lives

3rd Age: Lennox Orander

6th Age: Aeolus; Warden, Keeper, God-King of the Winds


Leon has been channeling since he was 25 years old, with little to no experience in control, relying purely on impulse. He’s able to use his abilities when he’s lost his patience and angry (block). His abilities seems to highly compatible with weather related phenomenon.



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