Prometheus, Greek Titan of Fire

Prometheus himself is an immortal god, the friend of the human race, the giver of fire, the inventor of the useful arts, an omniscient seer, and a heroic sufferer, who was overcome by the superior power of Zeus, but would not bend his inflexible mind.

Although he himself belonged to the Titans, he betrayed the gods of his order and sided with Zeus in the great war that saw the Titans overthrown. Specifically, he served as a counselor of Zeus during the war concerning the Titan strategy.

Things, however, grew sour between Prometheus and Zeus soon after Zeus had established himself as the sovereign ruler of all gods and men. The primary cause for this was Zeus’ tyrannical treatment of humankind, which, in the eyes of Prometheus, was inexcusable. He believed mankind deserved a far better master.

He ultimately betrayed Zeus, stealing resources from Olympus and delivering them to the mortals perhaps even to arm them against the gods. Once Zeus discovered this seeming act of treachery against his own kind, Zeus had Prometheus imprisoned. His body was kept in healing stasis while creatures were set to feed upon his flesh so that he would suffer in perpetuity. He was eventually freed by Heracles.

Prometheus was known for being a champion of mankind, his bravery, intelligence and forethought.

Current reincarnation:

Nicholas Trano



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