Coyote, Native American God

Coyote is a mythological figure portrayed in numerous Native American myths and legends. His character, personality and actions vary widely from tribe to tribe. In some tribes he is seen as a revered creator figure, and in others a fool who teaches others through his mistakes. The majority of tribal myths do agree on certain aspects of Coyote. He was an accomplished trickster and a god of great power. He had control over the physical world and its elements, and possessed the ability to convince others to comply with his schemes. And he was a creator and protector of the people,
Specific myths of Coyote include tales that demonstrate his shape-shifting ability and kindred with the Animal People. Additionally, he is said to have stolen fire to bring to the First People, and that he killed the sun to make it safe for the First People to walk outside.
Coyote’s incarnation in the First Age is Jon Little Bird.

Coyote in the Fifth Age

Coyote was born late in the Fifth Age. Initially he dwelled with many of the other gods but found himself shunned and shut out of paradise by the most powerful among them. Exactly what he did to become ostracized isn’t known; however, he was known to be overly curious about their activities and had a propensity to speak of what he saw to others. As an accomplished dreamwalker, he likely had the propensity to invade others’ dreams. Additionally, he found it amusing to infuriate the more powerful gods and point out their own failings.
Coyote took upon himself a voluntary exile and lived among man and animal for decades. He wasn’t particularly liked by most people as well — he was known as a god and mistrusted, and for good reason because he often used his powers to survive and get what he wanted. Conversely, he did use his powers to protect people from various monsters that plagued the world, so was reluctantly accepted as a protector figure.
During this time Coyote gained an understanding of the peoples’ plight under the gods and how by the end of the Fifth Age they had become little more than the playthings and slaves to the gods. He became convinced the gods were too powerful and needed to be pulled down.

Coyote and the Godswar

It is not known whether Coyote was approached by the Remnant or if he went to them first, but he was certainly a critical ally of theirs in the Time of Escape. The extent of his involvement in the fighting was unknown but surviving myths indicate he was a pivotal figure. He is believed to have obtained the weapons the Remnant needed to win their struggle against the gods. Additionally he is said to have “killed the Sun,” making it safe for people to leave their homes, which suggests that Coyote struck down a very powerful god, possibly Apollo or Helios.
Coyote would have been a chief rival of Lethe and would have frequently encountered her in during his activities as a dreamwalker. Interaction between Jon Little Bird and Thalia Milton in the First Age suggest Coyote and Lethe may have shared a deep and complex relationship — perhaps friends, or even lovers, as well as enemies.
Coyote was likely one of the last of the gods to die. He survived the Godswar and, as Old Man Coyote, gave some aid to the survivors of humanity as they struggled to put back the pieces of civilization, however The Remnant ultimately turned on him in their quest to finally purge the ability to channel from humanity. He ultimately was forced to slip into obscurity during his final years.



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