Basic Stats

Age: 23
D.O.B: 2022
Origin: New York, NY
Current Location: Moscow
Occupation: Mechanic/Engineer
Reborn God: Ki
Power: 15/20
Ability: Adept
Played By: Nox

Psychological description

Ilesha is a mechanical prodigy. She often displays an aloft/arrogant nature, but she is not trying to look down upon the other person, she doesn’t understand human interactions as well as she should. She is often shunned because of her aptitude with understanding things on a different level and is often found sitting alone instead of mingling with others. Ilesha’s greatest desire is to find someone who understands her on an intellectual level as well as personal. Her parents have instilled in her a great need for family and friends in her life though she finds it hard to accomplish that. Her biggest fear is failing. Ilesha’s only non-mechanical outlet is music – she loves to sing, hum, etc.

Physical description

Ilesha is 5′ 7″ with raven black hair and near black eyes. Her skin is sun-kissed year round and almost always splattered and smeared with grease. Her fingernails are kept short and clean despite her work. Ilesha’s long hair is pulled back into a high ponytail under most circumstances. She prefers to wear dark colors to hide the grease and dirt stains of her career and her clothes are lose and baggy for comfort rather than flattering.


It was a particularly difficult assembly Ilesha was studying. Each piece was carefully crafted to fit together just perfectly but one was cracked. The instructor told her everything was fine, but Ilesha knew better. She could see the tiny fine line in the part that would make the assembly fail upon testing. It was that perfect – almost hand crafted into disaster.

Ilesha’s thoughts raced, how could she fix this without compromising the assembly and wasting anymore time. Absently Ilesha hummed a pretty little song that her mother sang to her as a child while she tempered her thoughts. A faint warmth spread across her fingers. The metal in her hands grew warm. Ilesha dropped the piece on the floor accidentally. Fear bubbled up into her throat as she bent down to pick up the part. She searched for more damage. But there was none there. The hair line fracture she’d seen so clearly before was gone. Had she imagined it?

Ilesha shook her head and cleared her worries from her mind and finished the assembly. By the end of the day her professor was congratulating her on winning the fasted assembly time, and the only assembly that preformed exceptionally on the tests. But something still nagged at Ilesha.

Ilesha was alone in the shop – she was working an old motorcycle. It was her pet project – an oldie but goodie. Her father had found an old school gasoline injection motorcycle from the early part of the this century – a 2016 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight. Ilesha was restoring it to mint condition but some of the parts were completely rusted out.

Or that was what she had assumed. The first piece she’d taken off had come away in her hand and she felt the rust just rub away as it warmed in her hand. It was like magic, Ilesha hummed away the hours it took to restore the cycle to it’s mint condition. It was a months worth of free time if not more before she was cracking up the engine. And that month of time had punctuated with a severe cold as well. She’d not made any of her classes or to work at all. She was 16 and had never missed a day of school before then. Now she was missing days at a time – fever and chills and completely unable to get out of bed. Her parents never even noticed that she wasn’t well. No one expected her to slack of so no one checked up on her.

Graduating had been one of the greatest feelings in the world. The cap and the gown were dark against her already tanned skin making it look darker than it truly was. The golden collar made her parents proud as did the golden cords hanging around her neck. Her master’s degree in mechanical engineering made her parents proud. They hadn’t even been disappointed when Ilesha told them that she was going to stay on at Rick’s working on bikes. She wasn’t after money – though she had turned down three jobs around the world for high end mechanical engineering firms looking to recruit her. She just wanted to work on bikes and do her own thing. They had been proud of her – her parents. They supported her. And Ilesha was grateful.

Ilesha remembered her first dollhouse. It was her only dollhouse. Her parents had gotten it for her for her 5th birthday. It still sat on a table in her room. It had started out as a cardboard box to look like a house. But over the years Ilesha had started restoring it with real wood, and designing the house as it should be.
As Ilesha looked back at the dollhouse, she remembered carving the little wooden handrails for the stairs. The lights had been the most fun to install. She’d cannibalized other toys to get enough lights and wire to string inside her fake house. It was her dream house. Ilesha imagined it talked back to her – lights on.

It truly functioned now when she turned the app on she’d written to control the small tiny house. It wasn’t much to do now, but it was her brother’s help that made it all possible – her dream home.
Now her pet projects were much larger and more grand. Somewhere along the course of her schooling Ilesha realized that humming was key to power. A power she knew nothing about, but it allowed her to do things that she couldn’t master otherwise – it fixed cracks in metal – it could strength a brittle piece – clean rush from a bolt – and even grease a lug on a tire. It was wonderful and her ideas were grand. That’s why she’d stayed with Rick. It was why she’d turned down every new job that came her way. Without the freedom of the shop she could never pursue her dream – and that was what she wanted.

Other reincarnations

Ki, Sumerian fertility goddess



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