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Krasivolkya Constantine
Character Name: Krasivolkya Constantine

Age: 35

Born: Kampala Uganda
Raised: St. Petersburg, Dominance I
Lives: Moscow

Occupation : Government Official in the CCD Custody of State. She is the Head of the Team of Liasions between the Executive Staff and other Custody Officials and designees. She and her team make sure the Ascendency's, members of The Sphere's and CCD Patrons' directives are relayed to other members of the Custody of State and other Custodys. They are responsible for making sure questions have answers or that there are no questions. As a key linchpin between the offices of The Ascendency and Custody of State, she is sought after for advice from Ambassadors and State Officials on execution, interpretation and understanding of orders, counsel, insight and information. She is close to the Executive Secretaries and Administrators in the executive offices. She is bright and dedicated worker. Working a minimum of 80 hours per work, and expecting her team to do the same. She will complete a project or assignment on time, no matter what. She has an uncanny ability to know and assess a situation or person, almost preternaturally aware of their moods, intents and desires. This has helped her be quote successful and well respected, as she is usually never wrong in her judgement. She aspires to work directly with The Ascendency one day.

Psychological description: Tempered, balanced, reserved, competent and confident. Krasivolkya is no hot head. Not easily angered, and never one to lose her cool. When angered, a few words are enough to silence the target of her annoyance. Quietly cursing under her breath in harsh yet simple words is her vice ... As is ice-cold Vodka mixed with honey.
She is a loner masquerading as a leader. She is icy in personal interactions with co-workers and staff; calm, yet cordial with superiors and in social interactions. Withdrawn when in large populations. She becomes obviously withdrawn and antsy when she is in a very large group with no obvious avenue for retreat or view of the outside or exit. She is, however, passionate about her reputation, her job and her personal philosophy. She is extremely impatient with ignorance or laziness, and can be quite rude and brisk to those who make excuses, play the victim or don't measure up to her ideals. These are usually the targets of her anger.

Physical description: 2 meters tall, 70 Kg. Broad in hip and shoulder, muscular yet feminine.She is of mixed Ugandan and Russian ancestry. She has milk coffee colored skin, short, curly burnt-caramel colored hair that has no length to it and never reaches past her ears or is unkempt. High cheekbones and forehead, with plump lips and a broader nose than is typically seem on Russian women. Her eyes range from light brown to almost golden. Her legs are thick and longer than her torso, and she has curves of hip, butt and thigh.

Biography: Krasivolkya's father was a Professor of History and Anthropology at the University in St. Petersburg. While doing research abroad in Kampala, Uganda, he met a Ugandan Professorial colleague, and fell in love. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. However, a civil war was looming and Krasivolkya's father wanted to move his family out of danger. He could not take his lover with him because they were not legally married, and the government had shut down all licensing and civil departments. She urged him to leave with Krasivolkya, and then work to have her reunited later in order to keep their daughter safe. He left, but before he made it home, the rebels invaded the city and went on a spree of rape and murder. Krasivolkya's mother, as an elite, educated woman, was a target, and did not survive the onslaught. A friend sent the sad news, which Krasivolkya's father received upon returning to his flat in St. Petersburg.

Krasivolkya was raised with the best schooling. Her father never remarried and she became his advisor, friend and colleague. She developed an interest in political science and government, and her father had influential connections that helped get her fellowships and interns and eventually a job with the government in Moscow. From there her hardwork and intelligence did the rest.

Around 20, Krasivolkya started having odd episodes where she would zone out, or have insomnia for several nights in a row. Her father took her to several doctors, but the cause could not be determined. When her eyes started to lighten on occasion, her father knew what was happening. He had several friends and connections with the Atharim, and was often consulted for his research in ancient history. He began to prepare his daughter how to evade detection as a Wolfkin. Stealth and deception came naturally to Krasivolkya. Her world didnt have much room for others to get too close to her anyway.

Krasivolkya has been successful in Moscow for 10 years and has risen to become Chief Liaison for the Executive/Ambassador Staff. Her father died two years ago from A brief bout with cancer, leaving Krasivolkya completely alone in the world of her own making.
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