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The Executive Office of the Ascendancy (EoA) consists of the immediate staff serving beneath the Ascendancy. This is a moderate sized group divided into various Consulates, each of which are headed by a Chief Consular directly appointed by the Ascendancy.

The EoA is operated by the Deputy Consul Chief of Staff, who also serves as liaison between the EoA and Custody of Defense. Primarily, the EoA provides the Ascendancy with the support he needs to govern and maintain the allegiance of the general public. Varying departments within the EoA are titled as Consulates.

The individuals in charge of the Consulates are titled Consuls. The title references the diplomatic mission each individual symbolizes, as they represent the Ascendancy himself, acting as emissaries between and among the custodies.


Deputy-Consul Chief of Staff Viktor Stepanovich

Leader of the Executive Office of the Ascendancy, reports only to the Ascendancy, acts as liaison with the armed forces and oversees official defense of the Custody second to the Ascendancy.


Consul on Public Engagement, Propaganda, and Interdominance Relations

Responsible for the private face of the CCD, especially in relation to other nations. It oversees the international image of the CCD and carries out clandestine operations to promote CCD interests throughout the world. Works with ZARS.

Consul Alexandrova Lesya Vladislavovna (55). She and Leonid have been close colleagues with the Ascendancy since he first entered Russian politics almost 30 years ago. She and Nikolai shared a brief romance in those early years.

Consulate on Communications

Responsible for the public face of the CCD. It oversees all Communication from the CCD government as well as regulates and directs the public media throughout the Custody.

Consul Leonid Pavlovich Bykov (52). He and Alexandrova have been close colleagues with the Ascendancy since his first appearance in Russian political circuit almost 30 years ago.

Media Affairs Director – Anatoly Yushakov (37)

Religious Dialog Director – Elouera Galloway (31)

Press Affairs Director – Darya Korablina (35)

Research and Speechwriting – Avrova Siyanova (40)

DV Cultural Task Force consultants

Dr. Yoruc Asena (48) – Professor of History at the Lomonosov Moscow University

Dr. Yasmina Qadir (37) – Professor of Gender Studies in the Quran and Islamic Culture

Consulate on Channeler Oversight

This is the newest Consulate within the EoA given the authority and responsibility to identify channelers, sort the Registration for potential channeler powers and threats, and set up training, laws, and policing of channelers.

Consul Marcus DuBois (24) is a former Sigma, powerful channeler himself, and a trusted leader.

Consulate on Administration Management

The Consulate is primarily concerned with providing, securing or negotiating for the resources or services needed to manage and run the government. 

Consul Semyon Alexeev (49) is a secret member of the Atharim.

Consulate on Dominance Policy

Responsible for implementation of the Ascendancy’s domestic and priority policies.

Consulate on Custody Security

Chief advisers regarding the nature of CCD national security.

Current Director – Consul Radek Klimeš

Consulate on Ascendancy’s Security

Consular-General of Security: Petrum (NPC; served in position 15 years)

Barrier Praetor

Consulate on Custody Economy

Responsible for policy making regarding economic issues on a domestic and international scale, provide economic policy advice to the Ascendancy, ensure that economic policy is consistent with CCD priorities, and monitor implementation of the Ascendancy’s economic agenda.

Consulate on Dominance Affairs

Responsible for maintaining and coordinating intra-Dominance policy, provide the Ascendancy with Dominance-specific insight, and communicate the priorities of the Dominances to the Ascendancy.

Other Consulates

  • Consulate on Digital Strategy and Security
  • Consulate on Philosophical Legislation & Research
  • Consulate on Political Strategy

Ambassadorship Consul

Ambassadors to foreign nations

Intra-custody Consulars Office

Staffers that serve as representatives within other Custody Departments that report back to the EoA.


Ascendant Leadership Sigma Program

In its fifteenth year of operation.



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