Tiallin Sharif of the 3rd Age was a Maiden of the Spear of the White Mountain sept of Chareen Aiel. 

She was one of the Maidens who stood guard over the Dragon while he was in Rhuidean. She then traveled with him back to Cairhien to quarter with the Shaido. Tiallin was the first in line to greet the Dragon when he returns their honor and allows them to join in the attack. Afterward, she remained in his personal guard. She was present when he was rescued from the White Tower Aes Sedai, and has stayed with him ever since. She is currently in her 50’s with white-gray hair worn in lox.

Other reincarnations

1st Age –Tanis Peregrym, she is an Atharim hunter based in the greater Moscow region.

2nd Age – Thalei Covunetin, late in the Age, she was a champion of gladiatorial games, a dueling blood sport that pit combatants against one another to the point of defeat before a crowd. Later, during the war, she declared her allegiance to an Aes Sedai patron and fought in his armies.

3rd Age – Tiallin Sharif, she was a Maiden of the Spear of the Aiel .

4th Age – Sylara Telukai, Deathwatch Guard who served the Emperor and Empress of Seanchan as a member of her their personal guard. 

5th Age – Bānu Gošab, Persian mythology. A heroine knight who frequently killed or captured suitors who did not meet her standards.

6th Age – Vishpala, a warrior of Hindu pantheon who who lost her leg in battle, was given a ‘leg of iron’, and returned to fight. 

7th Age – Khawla bint Al-Azwar, legendary Muslim warrior. 



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